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1. Five-year-old girl accidentally poisoned by doctor.

A five-year-old girl was accidentally poisoned by a doctor when she was given the wrong type of medication at Perth’s Fiona Stanley Hospital.

The little girl went to hospital to have a leg gash stitched, but a female doctor injected her several times with a dose of magnesium sulphate instead of an anaesthetic, the girl’s foster mother has said.

The mistake happened in February this year.

Perth Now reports that doctors only realised the mistake when the girl would not stop screaming in agony as they attempted to stich her wound. They discovered that the girl had been given magnesium sulphate used to treat high blood pressure or asthma.

“They’d be trying to stitch and she’d start screaming and wrestling off the table,” the foster mum said.” They kept putting more and more of the magnesium sulphate into her. They said, ‘She can’t feel it, she can’t feel it’, but I said, ‘She’s screaming!”

The girl was kept overnight for observation but was well enough to go home the next day. Australian Medical Association WA president Andrew Miller said drug manufacturers needed to make labels clearer.

2. Rio’s beaches made off-limits to Australian athletes after swim star Ryan Lochte robbed.

There are reports today that US swimmer Ryan Lochte has been held up at gunpoint at a party in Rio De Janeiro, along with four other swimmers.

Locate was at a party he had been invited to by Brazilian swimmer Thiago Pereira when he and three teammates were robbed in the early hours of the morning.

Lochte told NBC he had a gun put to his head.

Lochte’s mother Ileana, told USA Today: “I think they’re all shaken up. There were a few of them…they just took their wallets and basically that was it.”


Australia chef de mission Kitty Chiller has said the AOC has increased their security protocols to ensure the safety of all athletes for the remainder of the Games.

“We are reiterating our initial protocols which is always travel in groups of three, but we’ve put now the Copa and Ipanema beaches – the sand – off limits. There has been a lot of increased petty criminal activity on the actual beaches.”

3. Jacqui Lambie calls for a Senate inquiry into Department of Veterans’ Affairs over military suicides.

Senator Jacqui Lambie has called for a Senate inquiry into the DVA’s systemic failures after revelations in The Herald Sun over the weekend that 41 defence personnel and veterans had killed themselves this year alone — the same number of lives lost in combat during 13 years of war in Afghanistan.

“Successive Australian ­governments have betrayed our veterans and have not been prepared to properly look after them when they return home injured,” Senator Lambie said.

“The Department of Veterans’ Affairs is a brutal, ignorant, arrogant and dysfunc­tional government department whose behaviour and decision-making needs to be scrutinised.”

RSL national president Rod White called for the Federal Government to guarantee “lifelong quality healthcare for Australians who choose to stand and defend our country”.

“We must not, cannot, lose any more veterans to suicide,” he said.

4. Rio Olympics: Swimming over & Usain Bolt to race today.

The swimming session is over at the Rio Olympics and our Australian team face some questions after their performance is being called disappointing.

The team had entered the Rio Games with projections of anywhere from eight to 11 gold medals but leave with just three gold, four silver and three bronze medals.

Head Coach, Jacco Verhaeren said there would be a new plan.


“We will debrief with the team, debrief with the individuals, look at plans and start planning for the next four years.”

Meanwhile today in Rio the Boomers face Venezuela in their final basketball pool clash while Kenyan Jemima Jelagat Sumgong won gold in the women’s Olympic marathon in two hours, 24 minutes and four seconds to become the first Kenyan woman to take the title.

The biggest event today is, without a doubt, Usain Bolt trying for his third 100m sprint gold medal.

Medal Tally:

USA: 26 Gold  20 Silver 20  Bronze

CHINA: 13 Gold  14 Silver  17 Bronze

GREAT BRITAIN 13 Gold  15  Silver  7 Bronze

RUSSIA: 8 Gold 11  Silver  9 Bronze

GERMANY: 8 Gold 5  Silver  4 Bronze

5. Boko Haram  releases video showing 50 of the girls abducted from Chibok school.

Boko Haram have released a video claiming to show 50 of the schoolgirls they kidnapped two years ago.

The group kidnapped 276 girls from their school in the northern town of Chibok in April 2014, of which 219 are believed to remain in captivity.

In the video around 50 girls can be seen behind a militant who is reportedly demanding the release of fighters in return for the girls’ freedom.

The militant in the video claims five of the Chibok girls were killed by Nigerian military jets during an attack on the group’s compound.

He says in the footage: “We want to send this message first to the parents of these girls for them to know that these girls are still with us, some of them, and secondly they should tell the federal government of Nigeria, to with immediate effect, release our imprisoned brothers.


This is the third video said to show the girls since they were captured.

6. Customs is cracking down on shipments of life-like child sex dolls that paedophiles are importing into Australia.

Australian customs are cracking down on life like child sex dolls being imported into Australia.

The dolls, which resemble children as young as five and are sold wearing lingerie, have movable joints and come with heating instructions. Their manufacturer claims they can be used to help paedophiles control their urges.

But a Department of Immigration and Border Protection spokeswoman told Fairfax Media they were considered child exploitation material.

“The Australian Border Force works closely with the Australian Federal Police and state police agencies to target and seize this objectionable material at the border, and bring before the courts those that seek to possess or are in possession of a child sex doll,”

Penalties for importing the dolls carry heavy fines of up to $450,000 and 10 years’ imprisonment.

7. Robert Allenby arrested in US.

Australian golfer Robert Allenby, who was the centre of controversy last year after he claimed he was robbed, kidnapped and beaten in Hawaii has been arrested outside a US casino for disorderly conduct and trespass.

Allenby was playing in the John Deere Classic in Illinois when he was arrested but he had missed the tournament’s cut.

AAP reports a jail spokesman said Allenby was charged with disorderly conduct and criminal trespass.

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