Five Blind Dates on Prime Video is an unmissable new Australian rom-com.

If you've been crying out for a good Aussie romantic comedy that's brimming with heart and humour then your prayers have been answered. 

Five Blind Dates is the latest offering from Prime Video and it's about to be your new favourite watch.

Shuang Hu in Five Blind Dates. Image: Supplied.

The first locally produced feature film by Prime Video in Australia is the brainchild of extremely talented performer Shuang Hu who has co-written and co-created Five Blind Dates. We truly love to see epic women getting their time in the spotlight.


What is Five Blind Dates about?

Lia is a 20-something Chinese-Australian woman who works in her family's traditional tea shop which she inherited from her grandmother. Lia is unlucky in love and she's struggling to keep the tea business alive, but a trip to Townsville to celebrate her sister's engagement turns everything around. 

Take a look at the trailer for Five Blind Dates on Prime Video.

During a family lunch, Lia is handed a prophecy that predicts the answer to her romantic woes will be revealed on one of her next five dates. With the dangling temptation of meeting 'the one' Lia reluctantly embarks on a series of dates organised by her family.

With her quest ahead of her Lia must juggle the pressures from her family to meet a suitor along with her deep desire to ensure the tea business doesn't go under.

Who has been cast in Five Blind Dates?

Back in early 2022 it was announced that this project had been green-lit with Shuang Hu at the helm. The actress co-wrote and co-created Five Blind Dates with writing partner Nathan Ramos Park before it was picked up by Amazon Studios.

Yoson An and Shuang Hu in Five Blind Dates. Image: Supplied.


Shuang Hu has long been a beloved player in the content space with the creator amassing 6.98 million followers on YouTube thanks to her light-hearted hot takes on the world and the entertainment industry. She originally starred in the SBS series The Family Law and is now taking her rightful spot as a leading lady after years of hard work.

Elsewhere in the cast you have Ilai Swindells playing Lia's best friend Mason starring alongside Desmond Chiam, Tiffany Wong, Renee Lim, Tzi Ma, Yoson An and Rob Collins.

The production of Five Blind Dates has been created in conjunction with Goalpoast Pictures Australia with Kylie di Fresne, Shuang Hu and Nathan Ramos Park as producers and Ben Grant and Rosemary Blight as executive producers.

When can I watch Five Blind Dates?

Five Blind Dates is now streaming on Prime Video.

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