Fitzy and Wippa scored Taylor Swift's only tour interview and lived to tell the tale.


Four personal bodyguards, carefully vetted interview questions and a total phone ban. It’s just another day in the life of T Swizzle.

“We were sitting backstage waiting for her to arrive and it was just like the President had entered the building,” Wippa said of his and Fitzy’s interview with the one and only Taylor Swift earlier this week.

The radio duo spoke to Swift following her Nova 969’s Red Room gig on Hamilton Island, where 100 lucky people saw her perform an exclusive private show.

Fitzy and Wippa join Taylor on stage. Image via Facebook/Nova Music.

They were the only media outlet in the world to secure an interview with Swift during her 1989 tour.

“I thought I’d seen it all with One Direction,” Wippa told News Limited.

“When they came into the Nova building there was security on every level, they changed the traffic lights so the boys could get straight through the city, but this was even bigger – four personal security guards with her, just on her.”

Fitzy said Swift – who imposed a media ban on the resort island that saw Sunrise’s Michelle Tapper escorted from it earlier this week – had one personal security guard on every door she had to walk through, and three guards watching the crowd to ensure no one pulled their phone out during her performance.

Making friends on Hamilton Island

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“All the phones had to be handed in so no photos until after the show, but it was all very The Bodyguard, speaking in earpieces, a lot of whispering and talking into wrists and hands over mouths.” Fitzy said.

“One security guard had this big scar on his arm and you couldn’t help but think, ‘Oh gee, that’s what happened when the last person attempted to take a selfie with Taylor’. It looked like he’s been attacked by a crocodile.”

To interview the star, they had to follow certain rules and have their questions pre-approved by four people on Swift’s team.

“The questions we asked had all been approved (no personal questions and nothing about her love life), and that changes it from the normal flow of a conversation…” Wippa said.

Taylor, her mum and brother enjoy some koala cuddle time on Hamilton Island. Image via Instagram/Taylor Swift.

But he still managed to bugger it up by calling one of her beloved cats by the wrong name.

“For me to get the name of one of the cats wrong was just a devastating moment,” he said.

“I felt like one of those cyclists in the Olympics that have trained for four years and then their foot slips off the pedal at the start of the race and you go, ‘Oh, I did all that work and I got it wrong’. What a mess. What a mess.”

Apparently Swift told the fellas she loved Hamilton Island, but could hardly leave her room at the ritzy Qualia resort due to the paparazzi – who were largely banned from stepping foot on the island – waiting on nearby boats.

This cat is called Meredith, Wippa. Repeat. Image via Instagram/Taylor Swift.

And Fitzy admitted that, despite not being a massive fan of the 25-year-old megastar, he got a little teary during her gig.

“I’m a 38-year-old man who likes AC/DC, but when she started playing there was a moment that I saw a 15-year-old girl who was there with her dad and Taylor started singing and the dad looked over at his daughter and he put his hand on her knee and she was just transfixed by Taylor and was singing every lyric and the Dad just started crying his eyes out,” he said.

“And that was the moment when I understood the power that she has.

“I was trying to cover it up thinking, ‘I hope no one sees me with tears coming out of my eyes at a Taylor Swift gig’.”

Proving what we already knew – no one is immune to the charms of T Swizzle.