When Wippa heard his son crying on Halloween, he suspected nothing. That was his mistake.

When Michael ‘Wippa’ Wipfli heard his one-year-old son, Jack crying over the baby monitor, the radio presenter thought nothing of it. That folks, was his first mistake.

Not just because this week is Halloween. But, well, because his Fitzy & Whippa co-host is Ryan ‘Fitzy’ Fitzgerald.

Combining the American holiday with April Fool’s Day, Fitzy took the opportunity to well and truly scare the crap out of his 38-year-old radio partner, with some help from none other than Wippa’s wife, Lisa, who obviously has a brilliant sense of humour.

The plan was simple…

“So Wipfli’s son, Jack, when he goes to bed every night he’s usually been crying on the monitor. Usually Wiplfi’s the one that goes up and checks on him,” Fitzy, 41, explained in a video of the prank on the Fitzy & Wippa Facebook page.

Only it wouldn’t be Jack crying in the crib. Rather, a bloody terrifying exorcist type doll with a spinning head and demon light up eyes.

As you can imagine, the prank had its desired effect. And if you can’t… let’s just say, it involved words baby Jack definitely shouldn’t be hearing from Dad.

You can watch the full video below…