If #cleanliving makes you want to reach for the pasta, we have the antidote.

We all know them.

The clean-eating, kale-loving, fitness fanatic Instagram accounts that boast healthy lifestyles and whole foods:

Fresh vibrant salads ???? A delicious and nutritious way to finish off your day ????

A photo posted by ???????? BIKINI BODY BOOTCAMPS???????? (@fresh_fitness_aus) on Oct 27, 2015 at 1:22am PDT

Sure, they promote a message of health. Of course, they mean well. But let’s face it, they’re also a tad annoying.

Which is why we’re awarding Bella Younger the current winner of Instagram.

Her account Deliciously Stella parodies every fitness account so perfectly, you simultaneously laugh at her posts while wanting to ditch all your health-conscious friends for her instead.


Younger posts pictures of her “shit, unhealthy life” with captions of what she’s eating and how ‘healthy’ and ‘clean’ they are.

For example, this ‘nutritional’ nut butter she posted with the caption: “I am such a nut butter addict. It tastes so great on bread, in porridge or even straight out the tub! You can make your own but this new one from reese’s is absolutely delicious. So much proteiny goodness in every spoon. Have a happy Monday!”

Via Instagram/DeliciouslyStella

Or her very sage advice on how to cut carbs: “People are always asking me for the best way to cut carbs and I always tell them that my top tip – is a bread knife. When I started on this food journey I found cutting unsliced bread hard but with practice I’ve found cutting carbs is second nature. Have a delicious weekend!”

Via Instagram/DeliciouslyStella

Her hilarious take on the current fitness-fanatic phase everyone’s going through is similar to that of Sydney comedians Skit Box, who created the epic Active Wear video.

Video via Van Vuuren Bros

We will continue to enjoy these hilarious women while sitting in our activewear and digging into some chocolate nut spread.

For more of Deliciously Stella’s posts, take a look through our gallery: