A new tracking method could stop periods in their undying mission to take us by surprise.

In the running scoreboard of women versus their periods, the latter always wins.

There is the discomfort. The pain. There are the hormones that have you questioning why you decided to work in finance, and wondering why Tim Tams don’t come in a paste that can be eaten with a spoon.

But where periods really rack up the points, is in their determination to sneak up on you.

Yes, it’s a “monthly” thing (for those lucky enough to have a regular cycle).

But the “month” always arrives when you’re late for an appointment, wearing a white skirt, have no tampons on you, and certainly no time to stop in at a pharmacy, find a public bathroom, and stem the flow that arrived like a silent killer in the night.


A new feature from Fitbit will allow women to log data and more closely monitor their periods.

Ultimately, the watch-like device will alert users when it’s time to stop in the tampon aisle (and possibly the Tim Tam one, too).

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According to the company, women will be able to garner hard evidence on the way our periods affect our sleep, our activity, our quality of life.

We can document the symptoms we feel – headaches, back pain, a dull desire to stomp on everything in sight.


And, as more information is entered, Fitbit will be able to notify users when to expect their periods. “It’s due in four days,” is the example in the brand’s promotional video.

This level of accuracy would be dream-like for those of us who are fond of white skirts and are habitually late to appointments.

But it’s also key in levelling the scoreboard just a little. Women: one, Fitbit: zero, when it comes to the technology stakes.


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