Sarah Hocking was a first time mum. Nine days later she was legally blind.

In late 2014, Sarah Hocking fell pregnant for the first time.

During her pregnancy, doctors discovered that she had benign tumours growing on her optic nerve.

Nine days after giving birth to a healthy, beautiful little boy named Archer, Sarah underwent brain surgery.

The procedure, which spanned over seven and a half hours, successfully removed the tumours. But when Sarah woke up, she was legally blind.

Six months on, Sarah has released a three part series where she talks openly about the struggles she has faced, and the challenges she has overcome.

She describes how her “whole world had turned upside down and back to front”. The realisation that she didn’t know his clothing size and couldn’t independently buy him all the things he needed brought upon severe panic attacks. Looking back, Sarah thinks she probably suffered post traumatic stress.

In this video, she answers the most pressing question: How does someone keep their mental health in check, after finding out they’re legally blind?

To follow Sarah’s journey, you can visit her website, here.

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