Feeling toy-curious? Good. Here are 10 of the best sex toys for beginners.

If you’ve never used a sex toy, trying to find one amongst a sea of terrifying 20-inch dildos can be overwhelmingly… well… phallic.

So, to figure out exactly where to start on your sex toy journey, we’ve rounded up the 10 best first sex toys - including buzz-worthy bullets, perfectly sized massagers and even a beginner rabbit vibrator.

Now watch men attempt to explain female sex toys, and laugh. Post continues after video.

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Without further ado, here are the best first sex toys for beginners. 

1. Mantric Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator, $74.95 from Lovehoney. 

A perfect first sex toy is, and always will be, a bullet vibrator. They are small, they are powerful, and they haven’t been designed to look like a legit human penis - which is a win in our book. These sneaky little guys are your entry ticket to the wild and wonderful world of sex toys, and will probably be the one you pack to take with you on holidays too.

Mantric Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator, $74.95 from Lovehoney. 


Though it may add a few more dollars to the price tag, we recommend going with a bullet vibrator that describes itself as being made with ‘velvety silicone’ because that s**t feels delightful and everyone should get to experience it against their body. 

2. Lovehoney Magic Bullet 10 Function Silver Bullet Vibrator, $24.95 from Lovehoney.

...We know we just tooted the trumpet of silicone, but if you are either a) allergic to silicone or b) want to save some dollars for your first sex toy buy, then we recommend going with a metallic option instead.

Lovehoney Magic Bullet 10 Function Silver Bullet Vibrator, $24.95.


Why? Because it’s easier to clean, it looks pretty jazzy and when the silver gets cold it can feel weirdly amazing. So for more of a savey model, go for this shiny little dude from Lovehoney. 

3. Vush Stimulation Your Majesty Wand Vibrator, $120 from Recreate Yourself.

Here’s a little slice of sex toy history for you. One of the first popularised sex toys wasn’t actually developed as a sex toy - it was a personal massager called the Hitachi Magic Wand that was used to relax sore muscles. When women started to use it on their clits it was a penny drop moment for the sex toy industry, and ever since that moment ‘the wand’ has been a mainstay of the sex toy market.

And with good reason, because they feel SO GOOD. You use them externally and basically rub the head of the wand (the bit that looks like the part of the microphone you sing into) over your vulva and, in particular, your clitoris. 


Your Majesty Wand Vibrator, $255 from Vush Stimulation. 

While the ‘Your Majesty’ wand is a little on the spendy side, if you’re going to invest in any sex toy it should be a wand. It will be your staple and as you get more comfortable you’ll want to up the buzz and wands can pack a lot of punch in that department. 

4. Lelo Lily 2 Scented Massager, $141 from Lelo.  

We know what you’re thinking: Why the f**k do I need a scented sex toy? Well the scientific answer is that you definitely don’t need one, but boy is it nice to have one. It’s just another way you can arouse your senses and mentally get in the mood. 


Lelo Lily 2 Scented Massager, $141 from Lelo. 

This little bubble of a sex toy is smaller than the palm of your hand, silky smooth and completely waterproof so you can even start your sex toy exploration in the bath where you’ll be oh-so relaxed before being oh-so satisfied.


5. Unbound Jelly, $25 from Beauty Bay. 

Where some sex toy first-timers go wrong is not using lube. When you’re experimenting with toys, or even masturbating for the first time, things can feel stark and… dry. So rather than forcing some natural juices, help yourself out by adding a little lube into the mix. Jelly, by Unbound (which is a gorge sex toy company too) is a delight and looks like cute skincare so won’t look rogue on your shelf. 

Jelly, $21.88 from Unbound. 

6. Womanizer Starlet Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator, $119.95 from Lovehoney. 

If you’ve been doing your sex toy research, you’ve probably stumbled across clitoral stimulators. To explain what they are in simple terms, they are essentially a tiny vacuum cleaner for your vagina (with no actual cleaning function because PSA your vagina doesn’t need to be ‘cleaned’). These little sucky devices reenact the sensation of receiving oral - obviously it’s not ~exactly~ the same, but it feels damn good. 


Womanizer Starlet Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator, $119.95 from Lovehoney. 

This Womanizer Starlet clitoral stimulator is super compact and subtle and it has a USB charger, which we will always recommend because when a sex toy dies on you mid-sesh because the batteries are flat it is the single most disappointing thing. 


7. Smile Makers' The Surfer, $39.95 from Adore Beauty.

This is like any other bullet vibrator… but jazzed up. Rather than the traditional straight-up-and-down design, this guy has a rounded head and little fins to create the perfect touch on the clitoral bulb (AKA the most sensitive part). It's a real treat and much more fun than actual surfing, we're sure of it.

The Surfer, $39.95 from Happy Collective.


8. Lovehoney Fresh Toy Cleaner, $22.95 from Lovehoney.

If you’re venturing into the land of sex toys, you need to also be equipped with a cleaner that will keep your sex toy fresh even when you’ve become completely addicted to using them day and night. (Which can definitely happen!) 

Lovehoney Fresh Toy Cleaner, $22.95 from Lovehoney.

Opt for a cleaning solution that’s compatible with every sex toy material - plastic, metal or silicone. This handy little spray cleaner means you can just spritz your sex toy before and after use to freshen things up!


9. Bean, $49.42 from Unbound.

This palm-sized cutie is made with body safe silicone and can shake with a light, fizzy buzz or a deep, throttling rumble - depending on what you vibe with! It’s a simple, straightforward and subtle design with a one-touch button so you literally can’t go wrong. 

Bean, $49.42 from Unbound.

10. Lovehoney Frisky 10 Function Silicone Rabbit Vibrator, $44.95 from Lovehoney.

We’ve probably been playing it fairly safe with all the external toys listed here, because normally people want to start with a non-penetrative sex toy - but if you want to get cracking then this is the one for you. The perfect size, great texture and 10 buzz modes so you can build up in intensity over time. 


Lovehoney Frisky 10 Function Silicone Rabbit Vibrator, $44.95 from Lovehoney.

Have fun!

Feature Image: Mamamia.