First Dates star cracks onto Sunrise co-host Samantha Armytage in the most awkward interview exchange.

It seems Shadi hasn’t learned from his two unsuccessful dates on First Dates that a way to a woman’s heart does not lie in a pick-up line.

Hello again, Shadi. Via Channel 7.

The unlucky-in-love 28-year-old spoke to Sunrise's Chris Reason and Samantha Armytage this morning, ahead of his THIRD appearance on the popular dating show, and couldn't resist making the whole of Australia cringe with a new line.

"I've got a new line that I'm trialing at the minute...'Hey Sam, are you an interior decorator by any chance? Because you've been lighting up the room ever since you walked in,'" Shadi confidently asked.

Shadi's latest line didn't go down too well with the Sunrise host. Image via Channel 7.

Sam, unsurprisingly, wasn't sold on Shadi's line, rolling her eyes and telling him that women wanted someone who was "genuine".

Shadi was then asked what he was looking for in a woman... and things got even more awkward.

"Tallish, blonde, a little bit older, more experienced, a journalist perhaps?" he hinted.

Shadi hinted that Sam was his perfect woman. Image via Channel 7.

Sam's fellow presenter, Natalie Barr, summed up the situation perfectly with just one look: Image via Channel 7.

Laughing, Sam then told Shadi it was time to say goodbye.

"Thank you Shadi, off you go," the host laughed.

Here's hoping Shadi can finally find the girl of his dreams on tonight's episode of First Dates.

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