Stop everything. The first look at the new season of First Dates is here and it's better than ever.

Remember First Dates, the show where strangers head to a blind date and subject themselves to hours upon hours of awkwardness, all while being filmed for our enjoyment?

Well, it’s back for a second season. And we couldn’t be more excited.

The show that makes us feel 100 per cent better about every single one of our awkward dates will be returning to our screens on Tuesday, November 1, and if the first sneak peek is anything to go by, the levels of awkward have been ramped up.

There’s burping, there’s opera singing, there’s drink spilling and hopefully, there’s also a whole lot of love.

We’ve also already picked out a few of our standout ‘characters’…

Image via Channel 7.

Like this guy, whose facial expression basically sums up how we feel about the possibility he has a cartoon dinosaur tattooed on his forearm.

Image via Channel 7.

Or this lass, who thought that attempting to eat a FAKE flower would be a good way to impress her date. No. Just, no.

Image via Channel 7.

Or this woman, whose face is an accurate representation of what we look like every single time we've watched a First Dates episode.

Happy (First) dating, everyone!

First Dates returns Tuesday November 1 at 7.30pm on Channel 7.

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