This First Dates couple just proved opposites really do attract.

After a failed date with a gym-owner last night, everyone’s favorite leftie Stephanie was back looking for another lover on Channel 7’s First Dates tonight.

“Nick was very good to look at but to talk to, ah, not,” the 23-year-old Labor staffer said of her first suitor, who she then described as a “himbo” aka a male bimbo. Ouch.

Enter: Alex. A 30-year-old with a keen interest in politics who relishes a good intellectual to-and-fro.

Source: Channel 7

Perfect, right?


While admittedly Stephanie is clearly somewhat of a pragmatist — she openly admits she'd swing right for her crush Malcolm Turnbull — she was a little taken aback to discover Alex, who works in state government, actually labels himself a "Liberal", and not with a small 'l'.

Stephanie thinking about Malcolm Turnbull, probably.

But what should have been the date from hell turned out to be rather sweet, and Stephanie confessed to wearing Britney Spears' scent Curious at one point.

"[Alex] was the polar opposite to my last date," she said in a piece-to-camera before the pair decided if they'd dine again.

"I loved that he was into politics, that's what really lights my fire, I would definitely lie to see Alex again. Alex is boyfriend material."

And the feeling was mutual, Alex described Stephanie as "a great girl".

"We certainly have a lot to talk about and whether that's on a romantic level, who knows?" he told the cameras.

Both agreed a second date was in order, before hitting the town.

While a wedding on the lawn of Parliament House might be a way off yet, political differences were relegated to the backbench for at least one night.

Do you believe opposites attract?

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