First Dates' Hayley and Chris are planning on getting hitched.

If you’re a bit of a cynic like me, you assume people go on a show like First Dates for a moment in the spotlight. It’s all about snatching 15 seconds of D-Grade fame and boosting your Instagram following… right?

Nope. Not in the case of episode two’s lovebird contestants Hayley Gittus and Chris Simon.

After meeting on the show late last year, the pair have been inseparable. So much so that Hayley, from Tasmania, moved to live with Sydney-based Chris within just three months of dating.

Talk about a whirlwind romance.

And now, moving at the lightning speed that is familiar to all new madly in-love couples, the pair are discussing the Big Stuff: marriage and kids. Speaking to New Idea this week, Hayley says that when you know you know.

“Chris and I have spoken about getting married,” she told the publication.

“We’ve talked about how many children we want to have and all those kinds of conversations you have when you’ve found The One! It’s definitely on the cards.”

Of her new roomie, Hayley says he’s not only her boyfriend, but a great mate too: “[Chris] is my partner but he’s also my best friend. We can be ourselves and it’s just really great.”

For the couple’s wedding, we have one very serious request: Can the celebrant please be the handsome and charming bartender? He is just perfection.

first dates bartender seven
Mmmmmmmm. (Image via Channel 7)

While we are positively stoked for the smitten couple, we’re also wondering how the ‘How did Mum meet Dad?’ conversation will play out with the couple’s future bubs. After all, “We met in a bar” doesn’t quite compare to “We found love on a national television program”.

Props to them, given most contestants leave with little more than an ‘awkward lean-in’ hug and a shitty rejection compliment “But the guy who gets to be with you is SOOOO lucky!!!!”, these two really defied the odds.

As Rihanna would so wisely say, they really did find love in a hopeless place.

Would you go on First Dates?

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