There's one drink the First Dates bartender outright refuses to serve.

Reality dating show First Dates is about three parts nerves, four parts awkwardness and at least nine parts alcohol.

Just ask Cam Pascoe, a very real bartender who works inside the not-so-real First Dates restaurant on Channel 7’s popular show.

Cam’s job is to calm nerves while the ‘contestants’ wait for their blind dates to show up, a job that often involves dealing with some very awkward topics of conversation (like, foot fetishes, for example).

Cam = a real person who makes real drinks. Image via Channel 7.

Cam also serves up a range of alcoholic drinks - from champagne to cocktails like Cosmopolitans and Espresso Martinis. But there is one drink he absolutely refuses to serve to those who are brave enough to go on the show.


A man that viewers dubbed as 'Creepy Chris', the star of the show's very first Australian episode, once ordered a "shot of absinthe" to start off his night.

No absinthe for you, Chris. Image via Channel 7.

"He ordered absinthe as his first drink of the day...which I refused," Cam told The Morning Show

"That's a bad way to start. Not only is it going to get you drunk but it will also give you bad breath."

Nobody wants that, do they?

Then again, maybe absinthe is the perfect way to get through a night where anything that can go wrong, probably will go wrong.