Mackenzie's dress on First Dates was not the real problem of last night's episode.

When you watch a show like First Dates, the awkwardness is so real that the only way you can deal is to jump online, and share your thoughts/feelings/musings on Twitter.

It’s only natural. We don’t blame you.


But instead of commenting on the goings on of the show itself, viewers took unfair aim at one dater’s dress.

Meet 21-year-old pre-school teacher Mackenzie, who many accused of “wearing her dress backwards”.

It's a dress. Groundbreaking.

As soon as she hit our screens, Twitter was flooded with comments about how "inappropriate" her dress was for a first date.



I...I can't even.

It's 2016, you guys. Mackenzie can wear whatever she damn well wants. So stop with the absurd outfit critiques, please and thank you.

Because there is a way, WAY bigger problem that was brought to our attention on last night's episode. And his name is Dominic.

NO. Image via Channel 7.

Dominic has never had any problems with the ladies, he says. His friends call him 'Postman' because he "always delivers".

He's just... charming.

And by charming, I mean, completely the opposite of how any guy should speak to any woman they've just met. Or any woman ever, to be honest.

Dominic's - shall we call it technique? - involved throwing inappropriate compliments toward his date Geria, a 23-year-old flight attendant.

"I love a juicy bum," he said, seconds after their food hit the table.

"You've got ample... I may have had a look," he continued.



He then offered up some actually acceptable compliments - "You've got good teeth, you've got a good personality" - before totally ruining it by asking the size of Geria's feet.


That's, yeah, super relevant to finding a soulmate, Dom.

Thankfully, there were some viewers who agreed that Dominic's behaviour was much worse than Mackenzie's not-at-all offensive dress.


The lesson we should all take away from Dominic The Disaster (as he shall forever be known in my mind) is that flirting and suggestive comments does not a relationship make.

At least we'll always have Sharon and Tim to remind us that true love does exist.