The easiest mistakes to make on a first date.

We’ve all been there.

Sitting opposite a stranger. Even if you knew them before, it’s still so so awkward.

Oh the joys of a first date.

That’s not even talking about the prep.

You know, the lengthy chats from your friends telling you what to and what not to do.

Awks. Image via iStock.

Unfortunately, your friends don't think all the same. So their first date rules are different. Which only makes it harder for you.

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Which is probably why a Reddit user turned to the internet to find out what mistakes to avoid on a first date.

"So...what do you do..." Image via iStock.

99 per cent of the responses are very sensible. But there is one that had the whole office arguing.

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CLICK ON the gallery below, the last one is the one that got the whole office arguing. And afterwards, tell us what you think are the easiest mistakes to make on a first date in the comments below.