SEX DIARIES: 'I thought I wasn't into anal. Then he put his finger in my bum.'

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From the beach at midnight to the back of his truck, at the drive-in movies or on his workshop floor, Rob’s sense of adventure wasn’t limited to the four walls of his bedroom, and he never forgot the condoms on a Sunday hike. 

The scars around my knees and those down my shins are a roadmap of our sexual history (just please stop asking me how I got them, Mum). 

At six foot three with a smile that could reel in any girl on the dancefloor, I was putty in his hands, those big, all encompassing, exploratory hands that knew exactly where to touch me. Grabbing at my chest, running down my back, gripping my waist or filling me up, those rough hands could get me off in so many ways. 

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The night they handed me a gin and tonic we were sitting on the tray of Rob’s ute, watching the sunset over the Indian Ocean at a deserted beach along WA’s Coral Coast. Pulling my face into his, he kissed me deeply, full of wanting and tongue. 


I rose up, scrambling to my knees, and swung my left leg over his, sitting down onto his lap as his hands found my body. Sliding his fingers under my skirt, I pulled the hoodie over my head, leaving just two tiny triangles of my pink bikini to hide my modesty. Reaching around, he tugged at the strings, and they came away, falling into the sand. 

Exposed, and with a rush of adrenaline that only comes from doing it where you shouldn’t, his mouth caught my nipple as I arched my back towards the sinking sun, hands pulling at his hair for more. With one hand on my waist, he unzipped and sprung forward, as I let my skirt drop to the floor. 

Now perched above him in just my bikini bottoms, a cool breeze brushing over my bare skin, I pushed the material to the side and sunk down onto him, a loud moan escaping me with nobody around to hear it. 

Raising myself back up, I began to bounce up and down, riding his long shaft as Rob kissed at my neck, my mouth and my boobs. Faster and faster, I got closer, as he grabbed at my throat and pulled me onto him, all with one eye out for any unwelcome visitors. 

But I just couldn’t get there. 

Sometimes it’s like Twister, right hand red, left foot blue. I just need the right combo of moves. His tongue on my mine, his hand on my neck, the other squeezing my nipple, and, if it’s not too much trouble, a hand spanking my ass very hard every now and then. (And who said women are complicated?) 


Usually, I’m a pocket rocket and that formula gives me a 90 per cent guarantee rate. But, despite all the right ingredients, it wasn’t working this time.  

Incredibly frustrated and growing tired, I was almost ready to give up on my big O when his fingers began inching around my waist. My skin pricked up and I throbbed with excitement as they slid over my backside, and suddenly, at the same moment I came down onto him, one was inside my ass and HOLY HELL it was good.

I’d always thought of anal as just a bit mistaken. The idea seemed sexy, and when tempted with close proximity it always felt incredibly hot and oh-so-naughty, but when push came to literal shove, I recoiled and closed up shop.

Now Rob had his finger in my butt and it was like every untouched sense was being stimulated. The added pressure left everything feeling tight, and the intimacy was intense. Within seconds this extra unexpected pleasure sent me over the top and screaming to the night sky. 

I came hard, over and over in waves that I’d never felt before, every nerve tingling with gratification.

As his finger slowed down, I knew there was no going back. I needed this ecstasy in my life, and, with one step at a time, who knows what’s next. 

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