Meet the bosses who've had to fire staff on their very first day.

For most of us, starting a new job means ensuring your best outfit is freshly ironed, getting a good night’s sleep and planning your commuter route days in advance. But according to some Reddit users, not everyone takes their new opportunity that seriously.

Sharing horror stories in a thread titled “Employers and managers who had to fire someone on their first day, what happened?”, users from around the world are discussing some of their most memorable terminations. And as per Reddit usual, the thread does not disappoint.

“He tried to buy weed off a customer just because the customer looked like someone who might have weed,” one user began.

firing someone on their first day

The reasons for firing someone on their first day were flowing. Source: Reddit

"I'm not a manager, but I had a potential co-worker who called in sick," another user wrote. "I guess he didn't know that the manager didn't have to work through the evening and bumped into him at the movies. My boss told us this as he fired him the next day."

One user, who is a primary school teacher, said they were showing a new employee around a year 5 class she told a student, "I don't like you very much. Figure it out yourself." Needless to say, it was a comment that ended in an immediate dismissal.

"Not an employer or manager," another user wrote, "but a girl at my job showed up absolutely plastered on her first day of work. Working at a machine shop, I'm sure you can imagine that this was especially a no-no."

firing someone on their first day

Nothing like a first day celebration lines. Source: Reddit.

Somewhat surprisingly, people showing up drunk and abusing drugs seemed to be a common theme of the thread, with countless other users sharing similar stories.

"Caught him snorting some kind of pill. He probably could have gotten away with it, if he wasn't doing it in my office," one user wrote.

"My chef hired a guy who was less than a week out of prison for dealing. He was just going to wash dishes. Seemed like an okay guy, just looking for some work because he had just done 5+ years," another user wrote. "So, day one, he goes to head chef and asks, "Hey man, you know anybody here who wants to buy heroin?" Out the door 2 hours into his first job out of the joint."

firing someone on their first day

Sleeping on the job is a sure fire way to be fired on your first day. Source: Reddit.

But perhaps the most popular tale of the thread was that of the store greeter that clearly had no care to give.

"Worked retail management. On black Friday we had a new guy and his one job was to greet customers. Literally "Hi welcome to ___." Two older ladies walked in and he says "what the fuck is uuuupppp." I told him " your time working here." I clocked him out remotely and told him to enjoy his family, because he wouldn't be shopping with the $4 he made working that half hour."

Ah, employment. It's a fickle thing.