Fireman rescues family from burning house, then rushes off to attend the birth of his child.

A firefighter in Sydney’s north-west raced from one emergency to another when he was told his wife was giving birth only minutes after he had finished saving a man and his children from a burning home.

When Alan Fritsch responded to a fire at a home in the Sydney suburb of The Ponds just after 7am on Tuesday, he had no idea that his life, too, would be changed forever that morning.

He helped rescue two children off the roof, attended to another child who was left “disoriented” on the lawn, Channel Seven reports, and broke through a window to save a man who was locked in the bathroom and unable to escape.

Then came the phone call.

“Off to Westmead Private Hospital. I just got a phone call and my wife has gone into labour and has to have an emergency caesarean, ” the smiling dad-to-be told reporters at the scene.

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“Very exciting day. It’s been hectic but very exciting. I can’t wait to get out of here, just quietly.”

Alan Fritsch. Image via Channel Seven.

The father, who was rescued from inside the house, received treatment for burns and severe smoke inhalation, The Sydney Morning Herald reports.

One of the children who'd escaped on the roof, a 15-year-old, also suffered severe smoke inhalation. While the three-year-old, found on the front lawn, was treated for minor burns. The third child was unharmed.

The cause of the fire is still being investigated, with reports stating it started in the kitchen.