Hero firefighter saves baby from burning building. It's the best news you'll read all day.

As a two-storey house blazed around him, a veteran firefighter risked his life in a smoky attic to save a three-week-old baby.

As a family frantically fled their burning home in Queens, New York, the realisation that someone was missing dawned upon them.

They assembled outside, but realised that in the chaos no one had picked up three-week-old Sunjay.

“We kept asking, ‘Where’s the baby? Where’s the baby?’” his grandmother, 56-year-old Lisa Brown, told NY Daily News.

But Lieutenant Adam Vilagos – a veteran firefighter of 18 years – came to the rescue.

He said he arrived at the job to the child’s frantic parents yelling: “There’s a baby in the attic!”

He bravely entered the burning and smoke-filled building, climbing two storeys before being led to a narrow staircase to the attic by the young boy’s whimpers as he struggled to breathe.

Lt Vilagos told the NY Daily News he felt around in the haze until he brushed the leg of young Sunjay, who lay in his crib.

He managed get the baby boy, who is in hospital recovering from smoke inhalation, to safety.

“He’s doing good. They’re going to keep him overnight for observation,” Sunjay’s grandmother said.

“(The firefighters) did a heroic job. They came through. Thank God for them.”

The cause of the blaze is under investigation.