Fiona O'Loughlin fell into a month-long coma because of her heater.

When Fiona O’Loughlin fell into a coma, she was given just a seven per cent chance of survival.

The Australian comedian wasn’t in a car accident, nor was she suffering from a terminal illness. Instead, she was the victim of carbon monoxide poisoning from her own heater.

Thankfully, O’Loughlin pulled through and was able to share her harrowing story with Gold104.3’s Jo & Lehmo.

O’Loughlin told the radio hosts she didn’t pick up on the symptoms of her carbon monoxide poisoning initially.

“I was given a 7 per cent chance of life. Guess what? I didn’t die." Image via Facebook.

“It went over the course of a month. I forgot things, I thought I was getting early Alzheimer’s. I was forgetting things, forgetting my kids’ names. But then I did forget I was an alcoholic," she said.

The carbon monoxide slowly poisoned her and she ended up in hospital in a four week coma.

“I was given a seven per cent chance of life. Guess what? I didn’t die,” she laughed.

After four weeks, O'Loughlin emerged from her coma and has since made a full recovery. She hasn't experienced any long term side effects from the poisoning.

Carbon monoxide is colourless and odourless and it's sometimes referred to as "the silent killer".

According to Product Safety Australia, the main cause of accidental carbon monoxide poisoning is from combustion of fuels such as petrol, oil, gas and wood in areas with little or no ventilation.

Carbon monoxide poisoning can often be deadly and it can have serious long term health, effects including heart disease and brain damage.