"I’ve fallen in love": Fiona Falkiner speaks about her new relationship with Lara Creber.

Television presenter and model Fiona Falkiner has confirmed her new relationship with girlfriend, Lara Creber.

The couple met while the 34-year-old was travelling through South America, she told The Daily Telegraph.

“I am just focusing on my own happiness at the moment and Lara is a big part of that. She makes me happy and that is all that matters,” she told the publication.

Earlier this week paparazzo photos of the couple published in Woman’s Day left Falkiner feeling violated.

Such a beautiful day!

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“I felt shocked when I saw the pictures,” she told Cosmopolitan.

“I’ve been laying pretty low recently and I didn’t know that anyone was ‘watching me’ if that makes sense. Every time I see photos of myself where I was unaware someone was taking them, it does get you a little shocked and down.”

Falkiner said she was disappointed it was such big news that she was kissing another woman.

“There’s nothing ‘scandalous’ about it. Lara and I met on a trip to South America and I’m all about falling in a love with a person and yes, I’ve fallen in love with Lara.”

“This is the first female relationship I’ve had and I didn’t think there would be interest in it because it’s just normal life,” she said.

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The designer said she’s enjoying her first same-sex relationship, and is unconcerned with what other people think.

“I was opening myself up to good people, to good experiences. You know, finding what makes me happy and I think it helped being away from Australia as I guess I could just be myself.”

Falkiner added her loved ones have been really supportive of her new relationship.

“Luckily all the people that matter are so supportive and they’re just happy that I’m happy,” she said.

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Lastly, the body positive advocate has a message for anyone who’s worried about what other people think about them and how they choose to love.

“I just want to let people know that it’s OK to be happy and be whoever you are and at the end of the day, your happiness is all that matters.”

We hear you, Fiona.