The mindfulness trick Fiona Falkiner swears by to stay motivated.

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Since she returned to our screens to host TBL: Families last year, Fiona Falkiner has become our (unofficial) personal health and fitness guru, thanks to her refreshingly honest and inspiring attitude to being healthy both physically and mentally.

Now, the TrimFit Ambassador has shared her tips for staying motivated on your ‘health journey’ — and we’re all ears.

While what you’re doing with your body is certainly important, if you really want to be successful it’s all about what’s going on in the mind. Falkiner swears by positive affirmations to silence her inner critic and instead turn the volume up on encouraging self-talk.

“This is something I had to really work on. I was so critical of how I looked. I would, and still do, talk to myself the way I want to be: ‘I’m happy, confident and strong, nothing can derail me from achieving my goals,'” she shared on the TrimFit blog.

“By affirming positivity in your life each day, you start to think more positively and thus act more positively.”

Watch: Paper Tiger demonstrate the best way to meditate. (Post continues after video.)


While it sounds cheesy, there are plenty of benefits to this habit — you’ll also attract similar people into your circle of influence, giving you a good network to offer support and motivation when required.

One of the most common downfalls is comparison, something Falkiner says we need to learn to stop doing.


“Probably the most demotivating thing you can do is sit there, be critical on yourself and compare yourself to other people,” she writes.

“You have no idea what they went through to achieve their results, the struggles, the pains etc. So there’s no point expending energy on something which will demotivate you.” #PREACH. (Post continues after gallery.)



It’s not unsolicited advice either; this is something Falkiner herself has regretted in the past.

“This was hard for me to first overcome, as I thought if I got down to a size 10 (like everyone else) I would be happy. It was the complete opposite,” she wrote.

“I created my OWN version of success and the only person I compared myself with was my past self. I ask myself ‘Am I better this week, than what I was last week?'”

Falkiner before and after her own stint on TBL. Images: Channel 10/Getty


When your motivation takes a dip, it can be easy to give up and abandon it altogether. Falkiner's message is simple but important: take a moment, regroup and remind yourself why you're doing this. Hopefully, for yourself.

It's not about how many kilometres you can clock up on your run and brag about on Instagram; it's about the strength of your mindset, positivity and commitment. And hey, if it works for Falkiner, we'll definitely be giving it a try.

What's your tip for staying motivated?