ROADTEST: 3 women, from B to D cup, try the same lingerie brand.

Fine Lines
Thanks to our brand partner, Fine Lines

This is a safe space and I have a confession to make. I only really update my bra collection when the situation is dire.

I'm talking... years in between restocks. And now that I say that out loud, “collection” is a strong word.     

I basically wear the same bra for 5 years, until I clock one day that it's no longer doing its job or looking good, so I update it. 

Now because I’ve been wearing said bra almost every day, it’s kind of moulded to my body? And even saying this, I can hear that's just not it. The thought of finding a new perfect bra to commit to, frankly, gets me overwhelmed, particularly trying to find one that’s comfortable, sexy and fits like it was made to me (without "moulding" ever having to be a thing). So it’s… a challenge. 

So here we are again: I desperately need a new bra. What makes this task more tricky is we’re about to go into summer where our sleeves get shorter, and backless dresses and racerback singlets are in our wardrobes waiting for their next debut. 

That’s when I discovered Fine Lines Lingerie – and honestly, I dare you to find a style of bra they don’t do, as they’ve literally thought of everything. 

They’re committed to comfort and ensuring every woman finds their right fit. They want us to say goodbye to wires poking at odd angles and straps digging in, as Fine Lines have expert designers on the job to ensure that's VERY much a thing of the past. 

Myer offer complimentary Fine Lines fittings in-store too, so gone are the days of trying on a million sizes, and still not knowing what indicators of the perfect fit are even the right ones. As a person who avoids the mental load of bra shopping for years at a time, this is music to my ears. 

To put Fine Lines' fit and quality to the test, I enlisted the help of two more gals to try out some staples, including some from their Underline collection

Here's exactly what we thought.

Maddie, 12C

Trying: Refined 6-Way Low Cut Strapless Bra & Invisibles Brief

I hold the firm belief that every woman needs (yes, needs) a good strapless bra. I like my strapless bras like my besties: strong, dependable and comfortable. 

Enter, Fine Lines stage left. I feel like I could run a marathon in this Refined 6-Way Low Cut Strapless Bra, and feel supported and confident my 12C cargo will remain where they should. Although, don’t hold your breath for me running a marathon anytime soon (read: ever). 

I LOVE having a bra that can adapt to 6 different ways, too. I tried it on every possible way and I have come to the conclusion that this bra had to have been handcrafted by the Boob Gods themselves. It has an additional low-back strap perfect for low-back dresses and plunging necklines, so ideal for every day or special occasions looks. 


Heck, this might be the only bra I ever wear again.

Image: Supplied.

I was a bit nervous about the sizing, however I used the Fine Lines Bra Fit Quiz, and all I needed was a measuring tape (or can work with a piece of string!). It fits perfectly, and the comfort level is insane.

Now summer is approaching and currently my wardrobe consists of boob tubes, halter-neck crops, racerback singlets and dresses cut at different angles. Usually I’d go braless and then proceed to re-adjust my outfit every 5 seconds. So I tried them my trusty new bra, and couldn't fault it.

Image: Supplied.


I got my hands on a pair of the Fine Lines Invisibles Full Briefs too, which are super comfortable, stretchy, seamless and breathable. Fine Lines my new go-to for bras, and I will also be buying 10 more pairs of these full brief bad boys ASAP. 

Verdict: I don't want to come on too strong, but I think every woman needs this bra. 

Mary, 16D

Trying: Underline Eternal Demi Bra & Underline Eternal Brief

Our bodies are forever changing, but after a few months of lockdown, my cup fit suddenly felt all wrong, and every bra I owned had begun to hurt and leave angry red marks. 

Whenever my body changes, I often find it hard to feel good about myself. I've always believed good underwear enhances your entire wardrobe. So I wanted a new look, but one that made me feel sexy rather than uncomfortable. 

I loved trying Fine Lines because the fit felt incredibly comfortable and accurate. No gaping in the cups and the cleavage it gives me, even distracts me! The Spice colour in this Eternal Demi Bra is beautiful and soft, and it's also made me feel sexy again, like Drew Barrymore in Charlie's Angels kinda level. 

After months of just hanging about in my track pants, feeling good in my own skin again is a relief.

Image: Supplied.

I love the Eternal Demi Bra because it's smooth enough to wear under any t-shirt or piece in my wardrobe, and it looks incredible. Any bra that makes my clothes look better is a winner.


The matching briefs in Spice, the Underline Eternal Brief have a similar effect: comfy and smooth, and they sit effortlessly and invisibly under my most sheer bottoms (think silk skirts and white pants).  

They also fit me in a way that makes my hips look incredible and don't dig, which gives me a gorgeous line and honestly makes my clothes look and feel better. Which is precisely what I need, now I'm leaving my house again! 

Honestly, matching underwear does just make me feel like I have my life together. I love Fine Lines because they mix the practical with the sexy. So you're comfortable yet feeling like your best self, and I am so pleased to feel like my best self again.

Image: Supplied.

Margaret, 12B

Trying: Underline Elevate Boost Bra & Underline Elevate Brief 

After over a year of breastfeeding my youngest, and being recently separated, it’s time for this mama to take back her body. Fine Lines has helped me do just that.

It’s undeniable that your body changes when you have a child and it changes even further if you decide to breastfeed; au revoir perky boobs, bonjour saggy fun bags that have shrunk a cup size.

It’s been almost two months since I stopped feeding and I’ve only just come to terms that my cup size has changed – farewell D-size, hello B-cup. I recently got fitted to know exactly what I'm working with, and luckily for me I got my hands on the Fine Lines Underline Elevate Boost Bra in colour Jet. 


Now I feel like my old self with perky boobs, even if it’s a fake-it-til-you-make-it sort of deal.

Image: Supplied.

I was originally a 10D and these days I’m rocking a 12B comfortably – fun fact: for bra sizes if you go up a size, go down a cup to find alternative fits. 

The Fine Lines Underline Elevate Boost Bra is super comfortable and great for everyday wear but is sexy enough to be paired with their Underline Elevate Brazilian Brief (in matching colour Jet) for a killer lingerie date night vibe.

So, onto the matching Brazilian brief – it’s business at the front, party at the back. Having recently separated and now living the single mum life I’m ditching the old and bringing in the new – underwear, that is. 

My underwear drawer is filled with comfy mum undies (you know the ones – super stretchy and daggy as all heck) but with these new briefs, I can finally feel comfy and sexy at the same time; who says you have to sacrifice one for the other? 

These Fine Lines Elevate picks are where comfort meets sexy, and is perfect for a mum reclaiming her body, newly single gal wanting something for a sexy date night or just a woman wanting to feel confident yet comfy.

Fine Lines Lingerie believe every woman deserves to feel confident and supported in any outfit, whatever the occasion. Shop the whole Fine Lines Lingerie range, and explore the Underline Lingerie collection.

Feature Image: Supplied/Mamamia.

Fine Lines
Fine Lines is Australia’s most trusted bra brand, famous for strapless and convertible bras that provide comfortable solutions that never let you down. They believe every woman deserves to feel confident and supported in any outfit, whatever the occasion. Designed and tested in Melbourne, their expert designers fit on real women of all shapes and sizes. They are committed to the perfect fit, they never compromise. With the same trusted fit, Underline by Fine Lines redefines intimates with new and innovative fashion collections that elevate everyday lingerie. Stocked in Myer, David Jones, Harris Scarfe, Specialist Lingerie Boutiques and available at