17 problems only girls with fine hair understand

Your hair lasts approximately six hours before getting oily and you’ve been caught staring longingly at your friends thick luscious waves…more than once. Welcome to the world of fine hair problems. Add your own hair bugbears in the comments below.

1. You only have to look at Moroccan oil and…this happens.

2. You genuinely worry all your hair will fall out one day.

3. It’s physically not possible to wrap your pony tail elastic around tightly enough.

4. Your plait closely resembles a rat's tail.

5. You're sick of hairdressers telling you that you have fine hair, but lots of it. Like, what are you supposed to do with that?

6. Dry shampoo is your best friend.

7. Your hair clings so tightly to your scalp that you get hat head without even wearing a hat.

8. You’ll never know the joy of J-Lo’s massive hair bun. Your bun is more like a mini muffin.

9. You’ve been considering hair extensions your whole life.

10. You’ve tried at least three hair growth supplements.

11. You’ve stopped wearing party wigs because you get too many compliments when you put one on.

12. You’re always apologising to your hairdresser for your lack of bounce.

13. You will never know this feeling.

14. You’re terrified of pregnancy because of what it will do do your hair.

15. You’re not sure if a pixie cut will make it better... or worse.

16. You’ve been caught staring longingly at your friend’s thick hair.

17. Kate Bosworth is your fine hair spirit animal.

What would you add to the list?