If you've been looking forward to Finding Dory, prepare to be sorely disappointed.

The much anticipated sequel to ‘Finding Nemo‘, titled ‘Finding Dory‘, is set to be one of the biggest films of 2016.

Here’s the low down: Dory discovers that she was born in a marine life institute and upon being released into the ocean, was separated from her family. Now, she and Nemo are on a mission to find her long lost parents.

We think the complication will probably be that Dory has a memory span of about 20 seconds, which undoubtedly makes a task like finding ones family in the ocean rather difficult.

But never mind Dory’s family – there was something else missing from the ‘Finding Dory’ trailer.

Where on earth (or in the ocean rather) were the lol’s? You know, the laughs? The comedic relief?


That was what made ‘Finding Nemo’ so spectacular – earning it one of the highest ratings in Rotten Tomatoes’ history. It was emotional, but also clever and witty.

We just hope that ‘Finding Dory’, which will be released on the 16th of June, manages to find it’s lighter side.