THE FIND: The bracelet that tells you when to apply more sunscreen.

Image: Thinkstock

Sunburn. It’s one of the worst things about summer (and one of the worst things you can do to your skin). Although we never purposely set out to roast ourselves, it sometimes just happens, but not anymore.

Enter a new slapband that you’re going to want to make your best friend this summer.

In an Australian first, swimwear brand Seafolly has launched a UV Indicator Wristband that prompts you to either apply more sunscreen or get out of the sun altogether.

The clever bands, which measure the UVA and UVB radiation, start off a pale yellow and change colour to help you determine when the risk of burning is high.

Seafolly CEO Anthony Halas says they developed the bands to help reduce the risk of skin cancer, sunburn, and premature ageing.

“Seafolly is committed to communicating the sun safety message to its customers and the UV indicator wristband is not only a practical means of monitoring your time in the sun, but it is discreet to wear which we hope will encourage beachgoers to embrace it,” says Halas.

They’re can be used in the water (both saltwater and chlorinated water) and are great for kids or stocking fillers this Christmas.

Seafolly UV Indicator Wristband, $9.95, available online or in Seafolly stores.

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