Your Uber driver's been rating you this whole time. Here's how to find your score.

My boyfriend turned to me last weekend and, with a wide grin, informed me of his squeaky-clean five star Uber rating.

Patronisingly (I’m a seasoned Uber traveller whereas he is nothing but a novice) I replied: “Babe, they don’t do ratings for passengers. That rating is for the drivers, silly.”

He looked positively wounded. And while he couldn’t replicate the steps to prove this fantom perfect rating to me, he insisted it was legitimate. And, well, he was right. The rumours are true: You can indeed find out what your Uber rating as a customer is.

Watch a snippet of Jimmy Kimmel pretending to be an Uber driver below. Post continues after video…

Video via ABC U.S.A.

It’s a brand new feature, and you can find out your own rating in a few simple steps.

Without crossing into hyperbolic territory I just want to say this will totally define social order for the next decade or so. Classical class structures have been obliterated, and we will now be organised based on how we respond to complimentary mints and bottled water.

Admittedly, I’m a little (a lot) bitter about the whole thing. Because while my boyfriend is a 5.0, I have just discovered I am a 4.85. His response? “You may bow.”

His and hers... you have no idea how upset this made me.

I'm currently racking my brain as to where I dropped that crucial 0.15 and am now engaged in a heated competition with all of my loved ones. I'm also gonna be reaaal appreciative of those Minties next time.

Want to figure out your rating? It's pretty simple. In the side bar, click on 'Help' > 'Account' > 'I'd like to know my rating' > 'Submit' and BOOM - consider yourself rated.

For the visual learners out there, that looks like this:

So... what is your Uber rating?