THE FIND: A $7.99 magic unicorn egg that will make your foundation look perfect

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I’ve been a major ‘foundation brush’ advocate for more than 10 years now, and I’ve always been one of ‘those’ makeup artists that say:

– Brushes are a great investment. Just like a plumber needs good tools to do his job, so do you when applying makeup.

– A good foundation brush is an easy way to get a professional look, every time.

– Brushes are so much more hygienic! Imagine what would lurk in a sponge after a couple of days!

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So when I tell you about this product, it’s not to say that I’ve given up on brushes all together. But beauty blenders are different to the flimsy icky sponges of yesteryear. They are the perfect shape for blending and buffing product into the skin and it makes your makeup look really well-applied (and natural) in half the time.

And they’re so affordable, it’s almost sacrilegious! Just take a look at this Manicare one from Priceline, for only $7.99. And to think, my foundation brushes cost me $68 a pop:


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Just be mindful that you really do have to make time to clean your beauty blender, and regularly – otherwise the bacteria can cause breakouts.

Here's a great video to show how QUICKLY you can get great results with beauty blender, as well as how to use it.

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I'm a definite convert. You will be too.


Have you used a beauty blender before? What did you think?