THE FIND: The BB body cream that is sold every 20 seconds in the US.

Images: Jergens.

One of these is sold every 20 seconds in the US, and it was named in Allure magazine’s annual beauty awards as one of the breakthrough products of 2014. It’s from the number one body moisturiser brand in the US, and it’s just launched in Australia.

And the best bit? It costs less than $15.

Jergens BB Body Perfecting Cream is one of the first BB body creams on the market. If you need a refresher on what a BB cream does – it means it’ll do the job of five, six, sometimes seven products in one. Think of it as 2010’s version of Pert: 2 in 1 shampoo.

Two of The Glow team (we’re both on the pale spectrum) have been road-testing it, and while I thought I was becoming more tan, Kahla hasn’t noticed much difference on that front. She may not have been using it regularly enough (you need to do at least five days), but she has been getting compliments about how tanned she looks.

A US cosmetic chemist confirms I was suffering from the placebo effect. “The amount of DHA is so small that it won't make you noticeably tanner, but it will make your skin tone look more uniform after several uses."


But as I said earlier, although the BB cream promises in this product might be a bit of a stretch, it does even skin tone and make you just that little bit glowier. If you find you can’t apply gradual tanners without missing spots or getting streaks, give it a go yourself. It won't come off on your clothes or sheets, and if you want a bit more colour try the Medium to Deep shade, which is a peachy caramel.

If you have a spare 90 seconds, you can watch Jergens ambassador Cheyenne Tozzi slather it on for a photoshoot...

 Find it at Priceline: Jergens BB Body Perfecting Cream, $14.99.