A single mum saved $32,000 in one year. This is how she did it.

Alongside spending a romantic month in Italy and remembering to make that dental appointment, saving money is up there on the list of things to one day do. The only problem is actually doing it.

But according to a single mum from Sydney who saved $32,000 in just 12 months, the secret to saving is bundling.

Creating the “$1000 Project” on her Youtube channel, financial planner and blogger Canna Campbell says the secret to saving is breaking down a big milestone into smaller, more achievable ones, like $1000.

Once you’ve managed to save your first $1000, it’s time to start the amassing project all over again. Sound hard? Here’s how the 36-year-old did it.

financial tips for women

Financial planner Canna Campbell. Source: Youtube.

“A lot of people have a self-limiting belief they couldn’t possibly afford to save. Every time you get a pay rise, your lifestyle goes up with that,” Campbell says, adding, “It’s about creating money beyond the limit of our salary and stopping limiting ourselves by what we earn.”

The first step, Campbell says, is to create a clear budget.

“Understand how you spend your money and where it goes, and where you can save,” the mum-of-one says.

The 5:2 diet...for your MONEY. (Post continues after audio.)

“I was spending $180 on Foxtel a month. I don’t even watch TV. I don’t value that, so I cut it out. The smallest, simplest changes make a difference. That $180 could go into your super,” she continues.

financial tips for women

Financial planner Canna Campbell. Source: Youtube.

The next trick, Campbell says, is finding ways to save and make money.

“Create your own goals, customise it to your situation. It’s about breaking your goals into baby steps,” the financial planner explains.

This could include things like having a wardrobe clear out and selling high-value items, picking up some miscellaneous Airtasker jobs, completing market research surveys or even hosting a garage sale.

Finally, Campbell says, the best thing to do is move your savings.

financial tips for women

Financial planner Canna Campbell. Source: Youtube.

“When you come across a saving, redirect it to something.”

This could be moving the saving into a high-interest account, using it to buy stock, or adding it to your superannuation, all things that really add up over time.

"I don’t think it’s hard if you’ve decided you want to create a better financial future for yourself," she said.

“I saved $32,000, it freaks me out.

“If I hadn’t set that goal, I wouldn’t have saved it. I had to manifest that money.”