Help fight pneumonia, the biggest child killer in Laos.

Welcome to a sponsored post from Vicks.  Lana writes

“Winter is approaching, I can feel it in my bones. Literally.  There is a chill in the air that is great for comfort food, warm jumpers and ugg boots but not so wonderful for sniffles, sneezes and runny noses.  So while I am shopping for hearty soup mixes and jumpers I am also stocking up on specially marked Vicks products so I too can be part of their Road to Relief Campaign.”

What is the Vicks Road to Relief Campaign?

Last year, Vicks Road to Relief campaign helped save the lives of 2.3 million children. Yes – the Campaign that Mia wrote about here was responsible for helping a staggering 2.3 million children!  This year with the help of their implementing partner UNICEF and the Australian public, Vicks Road to Relief hopes to achieve another breathtaking result.

How can I be part of it?

All you have to do is buy any of the specially marked Vicks product. This simple purchase will  not only help relieve your family’s cough and cold symptoms but will also fund a measles immunisation for a child in a developing country.  It’s so easy: buy 1 pack of Vicks, fund 1 immunisation.

Why measles immunisation?

Pneumonia is a serious and common complication of measles and the biggest killer of children under the age of five in developing countries. The simplest way to protect vulnerable children from this potentially deadly disease is through an immunisation against measles.  The simplest way that you can help fund this immunisation is through the purchase of a specially marked Vicks product.

What is UNICEF’s involvement ?

UNICEF is dedicated to the global elimination of measles via the Global Measles Initiative (GMI).

Laos? Why Laos?


This year, UNICEF has identified Laos as being a beneficiary country for the funds from Vicks Road to Relief.

Isn’t Erik Thomson from Packed to the Rafters? Why is he in Laos ?

Popular TV Dad Erik Thomson recently travelled to Laos as the 2011 ambassador to see the difference Australians will make by supporting the cause.

Erik was humbled by the amazing work that UNICEF do on the ground in these countries and often in the most difficult to reach locations. To be most effective in the challenge to eradicate measles among small children in Laos, 95% of children aged 9 months to five years will need to be immunised within a two week period. Over 640,000 immunisations will be provided thanks to Vicks funding later this year.

How bad is pneumonia in Laos?

Pneumonia accounts for 27% of all deaths of children under the age of five in Laos and furthermore, 1 in 10 Lao children do not live to be the age of five. To Australians, these figures are staggering and highlight how lucky we are to have timely access to health care and immunisations for our children.

Where can I learn more about Vicks Road to Relief

To learn more about Vicks Road to Relief visit

UPDATE: You can also become a fan on the Facebook page – by liking the page, you automatically donate another immunisation to vulnerable children in Laos.


Vicks range of products helps relieve cough and cold symptoms. Vicks is not for the treatment of pneumonia. Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist, see your healthcare profession.