Stars of the most sexually driven film ever made can't stand each other.

The Fifty Shades of Grey movie is in serious, serious jeopardy.

Apparently, the two lead stars of new sex-tastic movie Fifty Shades Of Grey actually hate each other.

Here is a picture of them standing next to each other looking awkward.

fifty shades
Well, they don’t seem to be ripping-your-clothes-off-each-other and pulling-a-bloody-tampon-out obsessed with each other. Image via Getty.

If the film is anything like the book (and it would be disappointing if it’s not), it will have some pretty raunched-up scenes in the bedroom. And the kitchen. And the couch.

But if the two actors hate each other? It’s lucky that one of them didn’t tie the other one to the bedpost and leave them there. And not in a good way.


Their feud is based on the two actors, Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson, constantly looking awkward and stand-offish around each other in interviews. Nothing steamy to see here.

Not that we expect them to be humping on the Tonight Show desk mid-interview, just as their characters Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele would probably do. It’d just be nice if they had a little fun together.

But apparently not.

And if they hate each other as much as the word on the street is telling us, then Holy Mother of Fake Orgasms, those sex scenes must have been awkward to shoot.

Either way, we’re excited for the Valentine’s Day release of Fifty Shades of Grey. Now we’ll be looking for the one thing more exciting to watch than sexual tension.

ACTUAL tension.

Watch the awkward trailer below: