Wait... Did this Fifty Shades parody just hint at bestiality?

An Australian company is in the doghouse with their latest ad – a Fifty Shades of Grey parody that hints at a woman’s erotic relationship with a greyhound.

Fifty Shades of Greyhound is a parody ad that’s equal parts funny and weird.  The idea is called topicjacking, by the way, a technique used by brands who jump on a newsworthy subject and create something relevant to it.

In this case, Sportbet have turned Mr Grey into a Greyhound. Ha!  Geddit?

They very cleverly tell us in the press release the ad is “racy”. Ha! ‘Cos the greyhounds race. The press release then says it’s “giving doggy style a whole new meaning.

That’s a bit ick guys. You can stop now.

But the parody is funny. And weird. And when I first saw it it elicted merely a six-letter reaction: “OMG, WTF?”

But mostly, it proves what dog people have know for a long time: dogs are the best.

So here’s how it goes down.

Actor Emily Coupe plays the part of whats-her-face from the book, and she goes to Grey headquarters to interview the mysterious Mr Grey.


HAHAHAH the computer has a bone on it


And there she sits, nervously waiting. Ready to write her serious investigative journalism piece.

But THEN the executive leather chair swivels around and she locks eyes with THIS HANDSOME CREATURE.


MAGNIFICENT Mr Grey(hound)


AHAHAH it’s a DOG in a SUIT.  Bless. He has no pants on with his suit, which we will ignore in favour of his expertly tied windsor knot. I knew Greyhounds were clever, but that sir, is admirable.


Before long they are in the bedroom. And what girl doesn’t secretly let her dog on the bed, I ask you? Sure, it looks seductive here, but the reality is, they’re probably just having a play and a rub on the tummy.  She”ll try and coax him under the doona and he will fight against it. He will lick her face and she will wonder for a moment if dog saliva has any anti-ageing proteins in it.  Then he will fart and she will push him off and say “you stink, now you sleep on the floor”.


Preferable to a human


We see some application of lipstick, some flouncing around with a doona, here is patting and peanut butter and it all looks very fun.

The next scene, Mr Grey(hound) opens a door.  WHAT DOES THIS DOG HAVE A PHD? It’s the door to his playroom. Which, technically, should probably have a doggy door, no? #mistake. But in any case, Mr Grey(hound) opens the door for his human companion because he is CONSIDERATE like that.



And now it gets weird.

There’s this sort of room with lots of squeaky toys and she cries out something about “I want your chum” which some may think has dirty connotations but I just wonder if she’s hungry.  If so, lady, you don’t have to eat his Chum. He’s rich. Get him to spot you some Champagne Ham and Cabana from the deli section at Woolies.




After all the playing and eating of chum these two besties hot foot it to the track, and she dons a giant bunny outfit and he springs out of the red box of pain to chase her. COS HES A GREYHOUND GEDDIT.



Yes, it’s weird. But the fun police should relax. There’s no bestiality, just there’s peanut butter, dog toys, and a handsome dog in a suit who opens doors. And part of me thinks the ad might just be more entertaining than the upcoming film.

Ben Howes who runs communications at Sportbet says the ad was produced in-house and cost no more than “a few cartons of beer and a dozen pepperoni lovers pizzas.”  Which is probably Ben trying to sound cool, because I don’t know any rabbit-costume hire places that take lager as currency.  But I digress.

“We have not had one single complaint so from that it’s clear people are seeing it for what it is – a joke, a complete parody, a p*ss take.”

“Its there to make people laugh and it’s done just that.”

The ad is also meant to bring attention to the Greyhound Adoption Program. Mr Grey(hound) is actually Tilly who was part of the adoption program but has since been rehomed. No wonder. That handsome thing.

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See the full ad here: