The very valuable parenting lesson Fifi Box learned while travelling in Bali with her daughter.

This week, radio personality, presenter and actress Fifi Box took her four-year-old daughter Trixie to Bali.

She also learned a very, very “valuable parental lesson” about travelling with young children: never, ever leave home without your child’s favourite toy.

Posting on Instagram, 40-year-old Fifi revealed that in the rush to pack bags and escape Australia’s winter for the tropical paradise, she had forgotten to pack Trixie’s baby doll.

Remember when you were a kid and you swam all day then passed out on a sun lounge? ????

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She quickly learned that her daughter would not be about to cope without it, sharing with her 197,000 followers that Trixie had been asking “for her baby doll at five minute intervals for three days straight”.


So what’s a mother to do?

“Spend half a day in a taxi driving all over Bali trying to find a toy store,” Fifi revealed.

“But it was worth it for this smile.”

Other parents to quick to share their own ‘parenting travel fail’ stories.

“We just did the same thing!” one follower wrote.

“We couldn’t watch our daughter walk around the beach with her imaginary dolls in strollers anymore. Will never forget her doll again!”


“Don’t leave their snuggle toy/bear/comforter on the bed. Ours got mixed up in the sheets when housekeeping came and never returned,” another wrote.

“We made Lost posters with rewards and everything. Lesson learned…our new Bed Bear goes on top of our suitcase every time we leave the room now!”

Finally so happy with her baby doll ????????????

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Consider this lesson 100 per cent learned.

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