FiFi Box says what everyone is thinking about Belle Gibson today.

FiFi Box has voiced her views on embattled The Whole Pantry founder Belle Gibson — and she didn’t hold back in expressing her “absolute fury”.

In a ‘tell-all’ interview published in the Australian’s Women’s Weekly today, social media entrepreneur Belle Gibson finally admitted she lied about overcoming ‘terminal cancer’ by adopting a healthy diet — and radio broadcaster and television presenter FiFi Box has revealed on radio this morning exactly how unimpressed she is with those claims.

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Speaking on the Fifi and Dave Breakfast Show on  hit 101.9 The Fox this morning, an outraged FiFi said she was “so upset on behalf of people with legitimate illnesses and diseases” who relied on those claims.

“Let’s face it, people have probably made choices about their lives and their health based on her advice,” the 38-year-old radio personality said.

“Some people may have actually passed away. People are making choices about healing themselves from cancer based on her blatant lie about curing herself of a disease she never had,” she added.

“To make light of cancer, but then to tell people how to cure themselves — it is disgraceful.”

Belle Gibson, pictured here with her four-year-old son, claimed she’d had a difficult childhood – but could not verify those claims. (Photo: Instagram)

FiFi went on to read out excerpts of Ms Gibson’s exclusive Australian Women’s Weekly interview — and slammed various parts of the wellness blogger’s explanation as ridiculous.


“None of that makes sense. None of it,” she said. “She says she’s had a troubled childhood. Oh, woe is me… She’s still making up excuses that she refuses to verify.”

FiFi also pointed out that Ms Gibson had failed to provide details about her family so journalists could check her claims– and went on to suggest that police should review the case.

“I know the police have dropped the case, but I don’t think they should,” she said. “I think she needs to be made accountable, and this interview isn’t being accountable.

FiFi with Dave Thornton, on hit 101.9 The Fox. (Photo: Instagram)

“To use this sort of very vapid, irrelevant apology — I think it’s disgraceful, it’s not good enough and she’d better step up and really make amends,” FiFi said.

“I’m so angry at this girl… She’s young, but there’s no excuse for this.

“She has absolutely misled people, vulnerable people looking for answers, hoping to save their own lives, with her fictitious tales of having cancer. There needs to be repercussions. She can’t get away with that.”

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