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If you're losing sleep turns out your pre-bedtime scroll might not be the problem after all.

Aside from staying up to watch ‘just one more’ episode on Netflix, there’s a simple explanation for why you’re not sleeping well.

And don’t laugh, but it has to do with feng shui. For real.

Whether you’re a believer or a skeptic, one feng shui expert is urging us to carefully consider the layout of our bedrooms, which could be the culprit of stolen hours of sleep.

And that’s good news for those of us who can’t give up the pre-bedtime social media scroll, because we now have a new culprit to pin our insomnia on (that doesn’t dictate our Instagram habits).

Laura Cerrano says it’s the placement of your bed that can have the biggest impact on our quality of sleep and general well being. So where should you put it?

feng shui for bedroom
Whether you're a believer or not, feng shui could drastically improve your quality of sleep. (Image: iStock)

"Your bed should be in a place of symmetry with equal space either side of it - this is symbolic of creating equal space for both you and your partner," the feng shui expert told lifestyle website, My Domaine.

"Sometimes the dimensions of a bedroom don't allow for this arrangement, so holding the intention of creating space is essential. Even if you could only spare an inch of space between the wall and bed, it's better than nothing."

And if you're reading this, contemplating just how little space you have in your shoe box of a bedroom, Cerra suggests positioning your bed so you have a view of your door.

"This allows the occupant to literally, energetically, and metaphorically see and feel who and what opportunities are approaching their life," she said.

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Failing this, at least make sure your bed isn't completely pushed up against the wall. Think about it: a centimetre or two is worth it in the name of a good night's sleep.

Do you believe in feng shui? How do you ensure your living spaces are laid out properly?