F#@K YES! The best feminist rant you will ever see.








Need a new spirit animal? We’ve got you covered.

Introducing Krystal, a feminist blogger who has been making serious noise on the internet in the last few months, thanks in large part to this brilliant video about feminism (caution: REALLY NSFW. But totally worth it):


See? FUCK YES. The girl just gets it. And she doesn’t stop there. Her blog “I’ll never bahave. Stop Asking” also features her thoughts on racism, privilege, civil rights, LGBTQ equality and more. But she doesn’t just touch on the serious issues. Krystal kicks an equal amount of arse when talking about hilarious everyday things like the weather:

Or when she’s just singin’ about panties.  As you do.

Krystal already has millions of Youtube views and the numbers are snowballing. In other words, she is WINNING the internet. (Check her channel, Krissychula, by clicking here.)

Intelligent, hilarious and feminist? Yes thanks.

We HEART Krystal. Times one million.