A "feminist" aborted her baby because it was a boy. At least that's what pro-lifers want you to believe.

She ‘wouldn’t wish a male child on her worst enemy’. Really?

A “man-hating feminist” aborted her baby because she couldn’t bear to be a mother to a male child.

At least, that’s the story doing the rounds on your newsfeed today. But hold your outrage, as things might not be quite as they seem.

The blog post reports that for one pregnant UK woman – known only as “Lana” – finding out her baby’s sex was a deal-breaker.

Lana — a self-described “feminist” — reportedly had a late-term abortion because she found out her foetus was male.

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“To me, the experience was liberating, the emotions I felt when deciding what I should do, and after learning my fetus was male was something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy,” ‘Lana’ wrote in a blog post on a site called Injustice Stories.

“To me, the experience was liberating, the emotions I felt when deciding what I should do, and after learning my fetus was male was something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.”

She reportedly described the baby’s father as “the donator”, called the pregnancy a “diagnosis”, and added that bringing another “monster” into the world is something that she simply could not do.

The original post, predictably, has a number of outraged responses on it saying things like:

“This is why Feminism is a radical hate domestic terrorist cult” and “you are… a man hater like no other.”

The Huffington Post picked up the story, as did Metro, the Daily Caller and a number of other sites.

The UK woman supposedly aborted her baby because it was a boy.

But before you get all horrified and indignant at those reports, read on. Because there’s just one detail the reports today are all missing:


The fact that ‘Lana’ probably doesn’t even exist.

As hoax-busting website Snopes reports, the site on which the post was published was virtually unknown before Lana’s  story was published there. In fact, Snopes reports, a domain lookup reveals that the domain was registered on the same day Lana’s story was posted.

Suspicious, much?

The process of terminating a pregnancy after the 20-week mark is more complex than a first-trimester abortion — so, as Snopes points out, women who have actually experienced it are unlikely to describe it as “without a hitch, as ‘Lana’ does.

Perhaps most suspicious of all, however, is the fact the post also includes an overt link — inviting readers to “Get a deeper understanding of how Lana’s abortion affected her, and how it can affect other women as well — to abortion-themed Kindle books of Amazon.

The vast majority of those books appear to be pro-life.

Some of the books on the Amazon page that Lana’s post is linked to…

Our guess is the ‘Lana’ post was a pro-life hoax to reinforce hateful notions of feminists as “man haters”.

Which is ridiculous because, of course, feminism means equality between the sexes — and no feminist we know would consider it okay to abort a baby because of its gender.

Snopes concludes:

The tale’s lack of plausibility, combined with the use of a brand-new site to publish it, indicated that the acount was likely a troll for pageviews, not a real-life account representing the sordid state of feminism. While many skeptical readers believed the hoax was aimed at promoting an anti-abortion agenda, it’s also possible the site’s purveyor fabricated the tale primarily to generate outrage-based clicks.

So, there you go.

If you’re seeing the ‘Lana’ story doing the rounds of your newsfeed, pass this on.