Behold: The three secrets of the female orgasm.

The secret to having an orgasm may have finally been revealed thanks to some very helpful researchers from the US.

The research team analysed the replies of over 52 000 people, aged between 18 and 65, of differing sexual orientations, who were in a monogamous relationship, and published their findings in The Archives of Sexual Behaviour.

The report outlines the three key things lovers can do to up their chances of female orgasm, and they are (drum roll please) – deep kissing, genital simulation and oral sex.

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Other aspects include the length of time and how loving the liaison is.

But it’s not just how strong your bedroom game is that matters – the state of your union, how openly you communicate with each other and what external activities you’re involved in, can all contribute to whether you can reach the big O.

“Relationship satisfaction became one of the strongest predictors for women, [as those] who had higher relationship satisfaction orgasmed more frequently,” according to the report.

“These findings should be interpreted with caution however, because orgasm frequency may be an element that makes up relationship satisfaction.”

female orgasm
"Due to stigma against female pleasure, some people place greater importance on men's orgasm than women's orgasm." Image via Universal Pictures.

The data also illustrated an "orgasm gap", with 95 per cent of heterosexual men saying they usually-always achieved orgasm, followed by gay men (89 per cent), bisexual men (88 per cent), lesbian women (86 per cent), bisexual women (66 per cent), and heterosexual women (65 per cent).

The researchers also explored why there is such a large divide between the frequency of heterosexual male and female orgasms.

The report says "due to stigma against female pleasure, some people place greater importance on men's orgasm than women's orgasm".

But the times are changing, with college men reporting that they felt that the "absence of female orgasm is distressing."

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However, the report pointed out that: "Nearly one-third of men incorrectly assume that most women will orgasm from penile-vaginal intercourse alone."

The researchers also concluded that women 'fake it' for the following reasons "out of love for their partner, to protect their partner's self-esteem, intoxication, or to bring the sexual encounter to an end".

But maybe, after reading this, they won't have to 'fake it' anymore.