It's time for a female Bond. And it should be Angelina Jolie.


“It started with a call from Amy [Pascal, co-chairman of Sony Pictures]. She asked if I wanted to play a Bond girl.”

“I said, ‘No, I’m not comfortable with that… but I would like to play Bond’.”

Ugh. Angelina Jolie is cooler than an igloo full of fridges. But also, she’s right.

It’s time we had a female Bond.

The above quote was made to a Vanity Fair journalist in 2010, when Angelina was promoting her bad-ass female movie Salt.

Her conversation with Amy Pascal is what lead to Angelina playing Evelyn Salt, CIA agent and suspected assassin, a role that was turned down by Tom Cruise because it was too similar to his Mission: Impossible character.

So, they turned the male lead into a female lead. See, James Bond producers? SEE?

According to Vanity Fair‘s Rich Cohen, it’s the best way to write a heroine role. “Writing for a man, then swapping gender, is, as it turns out, the best way to create an utterly liberated hero, a character with none of the tropes that writers, even if they don’t mean to, fall back on when creating a role for a woman,” said Cohen of Salt.

So it’s been five whole years since Angelina casually offered to be James Bond.


angelina suits
James Bond’s suits? Easy. Source: Getty Images.

Daniel Craig admits that his 47-year-old body is finding the tough physical training for the role to be harder and harder. Though he is apparently contracted for at least one more film after the recent Spectre, there is plenty of speculation as to who should replace him in the famous role.

And there’s no need to change the role much for a female to star in the James Bond franchise. James is a gender-neutral name, remember? Just ask James Reynolds, daughter of Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively.

James Bond likes martinis. Girls like martinis. James Bond likes shooting people and driving fast cars. Angelina Jolie has done that in more films than Arnie (Mr & Mrs Smith, Tomb Raider, Salt, Wanted… etc etc). She has her pilot’s license and she can wear a thigh holster. She’s wile and classy and pouts a lot.

Pouty bonds. Yes. Source: Pinterest

If ever an actress has embodied the traits of the most valuable member of the Secret Service, Agent 007, it’s Angelina Jolie.

Producers of James Bond, listen up. It’s time you realised women are fierce and badass and look good in suits. It’s time for Angelina Jolie.

It’s time for a female Bond. James Bond.

Licence to kill.