The 7 sneaky causes of hair loss you probably don't know about.

Some of the sexiest men alive are bald: Sean Connery, Jason Stratham, Kelly Slater…but can you imagine the situation being reversed?

Even in 2015, female hair loss is still a taboo subject. But it’s more common than you think.

Thinning and hair loss can occur for a variety of reasons – from contraception to stress – but that doesn’t make it any easier to deal with when you’re faced with a sink clogged full of hair. Read on for the seven sneaky causes of hair loss, and what you can do about them.

Female hair loss is more common than you think.

1. Stress.

You’ve probably heard that stress can turn your hair grey, but did you know it can also cause it to fall out? Stress-related hair loss often occurs after a period of trauma like an accident or divorce rather than life’s day-to-day struggles. The stressful event triggers hairs that are in a resting state to shed due to increased levels of testosterone.

Trichotillomania (the urge to pull out hair on the scalp, eyelashes or eyebrows) and alopecia are also considered to be stress-related diseases.

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2. Pregnancy.

Post pregnancy-related hair loss is a common phenomenon. Thinning hair brand Nioxin estimates that up to 75% of new mums experience more hair shedding than normal after giving birth. It’s just one of the joys your body (read: hormones) has in store for you while you’re a sleep-deprived mess.

Hair loss is just one of the things your post-pregnancy hormones may have in store for you.

3. A lack of protein.

When a friend recently confided in me that she was finding clumps of hair in the shower, she whispered her anxiety to me like it was a confessional. After deciding it wasn’t stress-related, she went to see a nutritionist who soon discovered her problem was most likely caused by a recent switch to veganism. By eating a mostly grain and fruit-based diet, her body lacked protein and iron, and as a result was not providing the amino acids required to maintain her usually healthy, long, blonde hair.


4. The contraceptive pill.

Just as those pesky hormones can mess with your body during and after pregnancy, they can do the same when on the contraceptive pill. In 2010, Australian doctors reported a dramatic rise in female hair loss associated with the pill. The progesterone in some pills such as Loette and Levlen were triggering a genetic predisposition for hair thinning in women as young as their mid-teens. If you’re experiencing unexplained hair loss and have recently switched to a different pill, see your doctor.

The contraceptive pill has been found to cause female hair loss.

5. A change in medication.

There is a range of other medical factors that cause unexpected hair loss. Without sending you down a Dr Google rabbit hole, anything from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome to Hypothyroidism can be related to hair loss. But what’s also worth noting is that some medication used to treat depression, skin conditions, and anti-inflammatory drugs can also promote hair shedding.

6. Chemical treatments.

Whether it’s a keratin-based Brazilian blowout, perming or much too regular hair colour changes you’re addicted to, STOP. It’s ruining your hair. It’ll be no surprise to you to learn that chemically treated hair is much weaker and dryer than virgin hair, but all those chemicals are also inhibiting hair growth. Step away from the salon (or cut down on your appointments).

No surprises that chemical treatments can damage your hair.

7. Over styling.

Ever since the hair crimper was invented in the 80s, we’ve loved to torture our hair into submission with boiling hair tools. There are no prizes for guessing that it’s not good for your hair follicle to be ironing it every day, so try to limit yourself to using them just once a week. If that’s not possible, let hair air dry as much as possible, never pull wet hair into a tight braid or ponytail, and limit the time your straightener or curling iron has contact with your hair.

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