"Why women are shaving their faces, and I’m considering doing the same."

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I didn’t realise how hairy my face was until my second pregnancy when all those crazy hormones made more prominent the hair that had always been there hiding in the shadows.

It starts from the sides of my forehead and goes all the way down to the sides of my cheeks and then sprinkles across my chin, and on my top lip.

The good thing about being of Italian descent is that I’m ageing pretty well but there is a price, and that price is that I’ve had to remove more hair than most from my face using a variety of techniques. Some of which have left me with facial burns, injuries and acne.

This is why I’m considering shaving.

When I first discovered my hairy face issue I raced off to the beautician and asked for my entire face to be waxed. It hurt like a son-of-a-b and my face felt red, raw and swollen for the remainder of the day.

To add insult to injury I woke up the next day covered in painful acne, the kind that is red and swollen and capped off by pus-filled eruptions that are impossible to cover with makeup, that I wasn’t meant to pop and that I could only deal with by cancelling my week and hiding at home until they healed.

(These celebs have been known to flash some pit hair. Post continues after gallery.)

I didn’t know what to do. If I couldn’t wax, how would I deal with my hair issue, aside from seeking hormonal treatment which may or may not work. What if they hair disappeared but I became moody, or I replaced one hormonal issue with another?

I decided to resort to plucking the most obvious and obnoxious of hairs during my eyebrow plucking sessions, focusing on the ones on my temples and chin.

Plucking hairs from your face is eye-watering and the fact I was constantly flinching with fear resulting from the pain didn’t help. I decided to try hair removal cream.

It worked, it stank and it left burn marks on my face. Had I left it on too long? Still, it was better than nothing so I switched to the hair removal cream for sensitive skin and the results were better, except it’s pretty hard to remove all the hair from my face using hair removal cream, plus it scares my children.

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Then I heard about the not-often-spoken-about trend of women shaving their faces. There are even products specifically designed for women who want to shave their faces.

I’m not opposed to shaving my face, although I’ll clearly have to do it behind my husband’s back or our marriage may not survive it. I’ve shaved different parts of my body before – underarms, legs, the tops of my toes, the tops of my fingers and once I shaved my arms. I felt very cold but they look amazing.

The shaving of womens' faces even has a fancy name. It’s called “dermaplaning” and apparently beauticians can do it for you if you don’t want to do it yourself. There are rumours that Marilyn Monroe did it, as did Elizabeth Taylor.

Then there’s celebrity skin expert Kate Somerville who shaves the faces of women in Hollywood. She herself shaves her face once a week.

Somerville told The New York Times: “I hate to say this, but personally I get hairs above my upper lip, and have forever.” She says the shaving serves to remove the hair but is also an excellent way to exfoliate your skin.

“I noticed that it was a great exfoliant and that my makeup went on a lot better.”

Actress Michelle Money has released a series of videos showing exactly how it is done. She says it’s all about getting the right products for the female face shave. (Post continues after video.)

So let’s do this then. #embracethefemalefaceshave!!!

Have you ever considered shaving your face?

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