Disney heroes your kids need in their lives.

In a world where almost every hero has a sword of his own, it can be tough to find role models for young girls.

Millennials like myself clung to the images of moral heroines like Pocahontas. But at the same time were inundated with the Aladdins, Prince Charmings and Tarzans of the world.

Female characters in our cartoon classics were restricted to waiting for handsome men to save them from plights often struck by other women.

Newsflash: a woman’s worth does not rest in her beauty nor her ability to clean up after seven small men.

Thankfully, times have changed and the helpless princess plot line has all but dried up.

I don’t need to tell you that girls can be just as kick-ass as the boys who sit beside them, but just in case you’d like a reminder, we’ve rounded up our top five on-screen females.

The above video begins with a bit of a throwback before launching into the heroes we should have seen years ago.

And FYI, they don’t need the rescue team, they are the rescue team.