Two weeks today, I might be forced to quit my job.

Many families are panicking about the looming Federal budget. Here are one mum’s reasons for being scared of May 13. 

I’m 36, a working mother with three children, and I am facing the very real possibility of not being able to work due to rumoured changes to the Child Care Rebate under this year’s Federal Budget. My husband and I earn a combined income of $150,000.

My single friends think we are rich. I wish that were true.

My husband earns the majority of our money. He is paid $100,000 for his management position. I earn $50,000. That’s before tax. After tax, we end up receiving approximately $100,000. My two younger children attend preschool and my daughter attends our local Catholic primary school. We chose to send her there so she could attend school with her cousins. Preschool costs us $300 per week for both our younger children to attend three days a week so I can work. On Wednesdays my mother looks after them and on Friday my mother-in-law sets in.

Many families are worried that changes to the budget will leave them worse off.

My daughter's school fees are approximately $2000 per year, not including excursions and school uniforms.

We receive the Child Care Rebate which is not means tested. If we didn't receive this, we would be facing preschool fees of $600 per week. This would tip us over the edge. After the mortgage is paid, the grocery shopping is done and all our other bills are paid, it would mean the difference between my income contributing to our family and my income simply paying the school fees. It would be more affordable for me to stay home and look after our children myself.

I can't imagine the Abbott Government going as far as to start means testing the Child Care Rebate. Whether the threshold is set at $100,000 combined household income or $150,000, my family would be greatly impacted. My husband and I are bracing ourselves for this change.

I want to work. I love to work. My husband and I have worked hard since leaving school to build our careers and incomes so we can afford to live in a modest home near our family who help us raise our children and save us thousands of dollars in preschool fees. They look after my daughter when she is sick and can't attend school so my husband and I don't have to take days off work.


Our incomes contribute to the country's income from tax.

"I just wonder what it's all for?"

This is our main concern ahead of the 2014-2015 Federal Budget. This is the big hit we are waiting for.

Minor hits include having to pay to see a GP every time our children are ill. Currently we can visit our GP for free under the government funded Medicare system so we have the luxury of being vigilant. Once it starts costing money each time, we will be more careful about how often we visit the doctor, particularly as medications cost so much. A recent trip to the doctor for my son resulted in a $70 nasal spray for his sinus condition. The nasal spray will last a month if we are lucky. It all adds up.

Sometimes it's feels we have ended up living in a country where no matter how hard we work, getting ahead is virtually impossible? We are so lucky we bought a home shortly after getting engaged. There is no way we could afford to buy one now. We still owe $400,000 on this home and can't conceive we'll ever own it before our retirement. We both want to contribute more to superannuation accounts but there's just not much left.

I get that we live in a wealthy and affluent country, that we are lucky to have what we do. I just wonder what it's all for?

If we are 'good parents' who work, send our children to good schools so they have a decent education, live near family so we are together all the time, take our children to the doctor when they are sick, buy the healthiest foods we can afford and as well as enjoy some sort of quality of life as a family, then why is it all so hard?

I know many families are in a similar position and I'd love to hear your stories.

Are you worried about how the budget will affect your family?