Want to see into the future? Astrologer Jessica Adams shares what February has in store.

February… it’s the month where resolutions have either faltered, succeeded or been long forgotten. Summer is still in full bloom but the holidays feel like a life time ago.

Oh and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. This might mean different things for people depending.

To help you get through the year’s shortest month we’ve enlisted the help of international astrologer Jessica Adams to shed some light on the 28 days ahead.


There is a group of people in your world in February, maybe on social media, who you need to manage. You can’t see them clearly, thanks to the eclipse – but if you try harder, you’ll notice how many issues this group in the background could bring, unless you act.

What do you need to do? Aries, look at the potential for conflict and remove it. This group may just walk away from your world, but while there is a slight risk of trouble, do all you can to take away any situation which could cause it.

You are well-known for being great with tactics and strategy, especially when things become risky. You are the action woman of the zodiac, who can fix things in hours. Use that unique ability now, so that you can secure a situation which is loaded with emotion.

Your horoscope reveals past clashes and the potential for future feuds, unless you take personal responsibility for organising everything. Please sharpen your awareness, though. On an eclipse everything goes dark, so you can’t see. Open your eyes and look around at everything and everybody.



There is an idea, plan or project with big potential this month, but unless you do something about it, nothing will happen. In fact, this concept or brainwave could fall apart, which would be a waste. It is very important that you find out what the key person involved, wants from this plan – and from life.

There is far too much multi-tasking for just one human being, to make this work. In fact, it will be clear very early on that it’s a plan for two or more people.

This brings us to communication, which is easy to say, but hard to achieve. People have defenses. They also have their own way of going about things. Some have go-faster stripes on their trainers. Some prefer to take it easy. It’s really clear from your horoscope that this high-potential idea needs to take off in a different location. It needs to be exported or shifted where it can actually grow.

You will need to negotiate with others, so that you can all agree on timing and location. I know that this plan could produce amazing results in 2019 so, Taurus, it’s worth all the people-wrangling.


You will find great happiness and peace of mind through your involvement with a group this month. It may be a swimming team. It may be an online community. You will be in a wonderful position to give the group what it needs and so this month may involve you as a committee secretary, for example, or as the true friend who encourages others in a yoga class. Your involvement with this group will put you in touch with your sexuality again.

If you are single, this could be the start of an important new phase in your life where anything could happen, sexually, if you are prepared to explore. If you are with a partner, the time spent away from him or her, with a special circle of people, will help awaken your sensuality. Gemini, every band has its star. And every star has her band.


What you’re going to appreciate more in February, is that this group has to revolve around someone who stands out from the rest. At the same time, this star attraction needs his or her group, to shine more brightly. Feeling comfortable about that helps you all dazzle us.


You must now make one of the year’s most important love life decisions. Your former, current or potential partner needs to meet you halfway. The time has come to choose. Depending on your personal birth chart, you may be about to get engaged, move in together or have a child. Maybe you and your partner are choosing a new home, business or overseas trip.

If your own astrological chart shows more difficult patterns, though, you will be at a crossroads when you must choose counselling, trial separation or even proceed to divorce. The real issue here is the fact that you two are different, but equal.

If you have just fallen in love, you must both choose the kind of sexual relationship you will have, but it must be fair to both sides. You are lucky to have a huge range of choices now, no matter if you are going to commit or split. Honest communication between you will help, but beyond actual words, you two will need to look deeply into each others’ souls, in order to see what is needed. Text messages, social media and e-mails are not enough. Your final decision has to be true to you both in a way words cannot express.



You may be in a lucky group of Leo women about to buy or rent a new home this month. In other cases you may be renovating, or improving the garden.

You are about to enjoy a cycle that can only happen every 12 years, and you should be able to create a home, or home life, which can also reward you 12 years from now too. You have your own taste and style when it comes to houses, apartments, suburbs, cities and villages. You have your own strong feelings about where your true place in the world is, no matter if it’s based on your country or choice, your state, or your town.

The options you have now will go way beyond property prices or the colour of the paint you are choosing. These are emotional decisions, because you need a true sense of security now. You also need to feel that powerful identification with a particular spot on the map. Your family, household or extended family (godchildren for example) is also a wonderful part of February. Enjoy it.


The time has come to perfect a meditation, yoga, Pilates or mindfulness technique. Doing this will change your life, because you will learn a way to control your thoughts, that helps you for years to come. Virgo is the sign we associate with the mind, body and spirit. Perhaps you are already using a favourite method of relaxation, but there is always room for improvement.

Reiki is one option and there are many places you can try it free online. How about alternate nostril breathing, which is a well-known yoga routine, to help you to calm down and get a better night’s sleep? You will have your own personal preferences, of course, but your horoscope suggests it’s time to look for something new, or perhaps you need to make a deeper commitment to a sleep or relaxation technique you could try harder with.


The greatest discovery a Virgo can make, is that controlling the mind, helps control of the body. When the body works, in turn, so does the mind. On a deeper level, you have buried an emotional episode in your past and have not yet confronted it. If your dreams remind you of this past chapter, it is time to face it, Virgo.

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The time has come to learn or teach. You can do this through a school, college or university. You can do it through workshops, seminars, podcasts or videos. The true student of life is always a future mentor or instructor for other people. The true teacher, knows that she never stops learning.

Many Libra people will have a qualification, thesis, book manuscript, blog, website, essay or journal on their mind all month. I am sure you know your sign is symbolised by the scales of equality and fairness. You will be concerned with two different sides, or two opposite ends of the spectrum in February. It may be male and female. Black and white. Old and young. Right wing or left wing.


What is new in your life is the understanding that anything worth knowing, learning or teaching has to cross the bridge and make sense to both sides. If you have any hesitation at all about what is ahead of you, it may be that you need to address this more deeply. It’s not enough to have the words on paper, or on your computer. You have to genuinely feel that polar opposites in a situation can both get equal amounts of wisdom from what is there.


Money will be paid, donated or lent this month and it will change the way you relate to people. Your personal birth chart will show if you are giving or receiving. If you are giving, then you need to be aware of the fact that this lends you a certain amount of power over other people.

You may need to make sure that the relationship is not an unhealthy one as the fact is, you may be better off than others, for reasons that are down to luck, as much as clever financial management.

For the same reason, those who need your money may be needy, because of reasons that are not their fault. In a fair society this has to be taken into account. What if you are asking for a gift, loan, credit card, allowance or similar? It is important that you use this to try and bring more balance to the situation. There is absolutely no way you are going to end up rich overnight, but you can at least get yourself into a better position, so that progress can be made. One day you may be able to return the favour to others. The question now? “Is it fair?”


You need time out to discover how you are going to handle questions about children, pregnancy, parenthood or fertility, this month. The potential is great, but your relationship with a much younger generation has to be unique.


You may become an aunt, godmother or stepmother – for example. Perhaps you need to reach a stage in your relationship with your first child, so that you can have another. For some Sagittarians, adoption is a possibility, or paid/unpaid work involving children. You won’t be able to make anything happen until you have made your peace with the past. You may have been put through a miscarriage, termination or painful break-up with a partner.

Perhaps there have been difficult issues with a son or daughter, godchild, niece or nephew. A typical example might be the Sagittarian woman whose partner had children from a previous relationship. They are now apart, but she wants to have some kind of continuing relationship with his children. Your personal birth chart will tell the personal story.

In general, though, February is the time to rest, recover and repair so you can rock a new life. If you are single, finding out how you feel about parenthood in future is a crucial question.


This month you need to line up your idea, qualifications, project or plan with your ambitions. If you are typical of your sun sign, then you may have two or three goals.

Perhaps you have your eye on a new position, promotion, award or personal best. Questions of success and status are in the background, but your brainwave is on your mind all month. The trick is putting it all together. Your current environment is not right for your concept. It has tremendous potential, but you are going to have to move right away from your current situation to see it through.


This would mean taking your leave of the ambitions which are closer to home, or close to your current work or university location. Is there a way to have it all? Can you find a strategy that would enable you to plant this idea in the right place, without straying too far away from some obvious achievements, which are just waiting for you, up ahead?

The most important thing is that you recognise wishing, hoping, daydreaming and avoiding the hard questions will cost you dearly. Procrastination is not a good idea when a project so desperately needs to be secured and given attention.


This is the month you may reconcile with your former partner, or become engaged to your current boyfriend or girlfriend. In other cases, depending on your personal birth chart, you may be finally able to agree on a separation or divorce.

You can’t ignore Valentine’s Day on 14th February and perhaps this is when you will finally get together with a person who is so different to you, but also complements you. The question of a house or apartment is in the background. This may be because you two are making important decisions about renovations, rent, buying or selling. Perhaps it’s a question for later this year, or 2019.

The key question for you, Aquarius, is how to make things work when someone appears to be so unlike you in every way. It is important to remember that you are still equal. Your feelings are not much deeper, or particularly different, to those of the person you must now strike a deal with. In that sense, you are the same. The outcome will depend on communication. This is no time to try and guess or assume what the other person is feeling and thinking. Try to find words they understand.



You need to find out what has happened to the money. Of course, there may be no money there at all, but it’s time to investigate. Sometimes the finance is just on paper, so it’s a question about the property market and the value of a house or apartment. There may be issues here about a business or company and where the actual profits or debts are.

Your personal birth chart will reveal if this is a taxation question involving a large department (for example) or a matter for your accountant. It is very important that you have the right people on the case. You will be around people who are weird, wonderful and wild this month. Perhaps a combination of all three. Be honest with yourself and see if you would be better off with personalities who seem better qualified to address the question of money.

One way or another, you need to find out what is there – and if it is there at all. This is particularly true if you are experimenting with Bitcoin, for example. Depending on your situation this is either an eBay issue or it involves shares.

For more astrology you can visit Jessica Adams on her website.

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