'Dear alcohol, we need a break'

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When your GP asks how many alcoholic drinks you have in a week, they double your answer. Did you know that?  I do, so I halve my answer. Joking. Kind of.

I would like to drink less. Not that I drink that much. Or do I? Compared to whom? Next to Patsy from Ab Fab I’m a teetotaler. Compared to, say, Lana, I’m … well, Patsy.

Wine is my beverage of choice. Sauvignon blanc, icy cold. I also like pinot grigio and occasionally a red wine. Champagne is lovely on special occasions. Or when it’s on special. I don’t drink beer or spirits and I never, ever drink if I’ll be driving. Not even one.

So clearly, I’m not ‘a drinker.’ Drinkers will guzzle vanilla essence and I won’t go near chardonnay.

But it’s been a big summer. We spent the holidays visiting friends and family and there was wine most nights. And some days. Problem is, we’ve been home a month and come 6 o’clock I can feel my body whispering, ‘wine time.’ My answer is invariably, ‘Why not? It’s been a busy day.’ But every day is busy, and one glass turns into two, then two into three. I’m rarely drunk but I’m not sober either and it’s not good for me, or for my family. It’s time for a break before my habit becomes a problem.

So I’ve signed up for febfast – a month off the sherbs – and Mamamia has signed on as online media partner. Why am I doing it?  Mainly for my health, but with the added appeal of supporting programs for young people with alcohol and drug addictions.

I like to think febfast will be easy, that I won’t even notice, but there are a couple of danger zones – my sister’s birthday at a lovely restaurant, a book launch. And, holy moly, I’m just remembering this now – a school P&C meeting. Sober. Maybe I do have a problem.

febfast is a national fundraising initiative which challenges people to send their grog on holiday in February and raise money to help young Aussies overcome alcohol, drug and mental health problems. Go to for more information.

Click here for Mamamia’s febfast fundraising page. Any donations would be much appreciated!

What’s your relationship with alcohol? Would a month off the sauce kill you?

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