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Nervous about flying at the moment? Read this. It will help.


In a few weeks, I have to get on a plane.

The flight is the Sydney-to-Melbourne route that’s taken by so many Australians every day.

But in this last week, with three separate plane incidents and the overarching disappearance of MH370, my confidence has been rattled.

From a quick poll in the office, I took a bit of comfort in knowing that I wasn’t the only one feeling a bit anxious about flying at the moment.

But here’s the reality. Many of us have flights books in the coming weeks. We have somewhere we need to be, that is near impossible to get to without hopping on one of these enormous flying machines.

So to ease all of our fears, we had a look at whether we really had anything to be nervous about.

We wanted to know how likely it would be that our plane would be brought down. We wanted to know if this was a “hit by lightning” scenario or an everyday occurrence. We wanted to know if we were safe.

We found out what you may have by now suspected: for the most part, you will be in safe hands.