The hashtag is #fatkini. And it's doing wonderful things for body positivity.



It started with a few photos and a hashtag.

Now suddenly thousands of beautiful women of all sizes taking photos of themselves in bikinis and uploading them to social media.

And they’re all being shared with the hashtag: #fatkini.

It’s bloody awesome. Check it out.

The term #fatkini was first created by US fashion blogger Gabi Gregg in a bid to make plus-size swimwear look hot. 

At the time, Mamamia Rogue editor Rosie Waterland wrote:

Fashion campaigns are made aspirational for a reason, so why not give bigger girls something to aspire to?

Well, one fashion blogger in the US decided she would do just that. Gabi Gregg has an extremely popular plus-size fashion blog called GabiFresh and she writes a monthly column for US InStyle magazine. Last year, she posted a blog in which she coined the term ‘fatkini’, and boy, did she make plus-size swimwear look hot. Really hot. She put up several pics of herself looking gorgeous and encouraged other women to let go of their fears, put on a bikini and send in the photos.

Cut to the internet losing its shit.

That blog post became so popular that Gabi was asked to design a collection (sizes 16-24) for plus-size swimwear label swimsuitsforall.

Then, this year, the movement took off. Women of all shapes and sizes started uploading photos of themselves in a bikini with the hashtag #fatkini and, collectively, made beaches and social media a less of a intimidating place for women to be.

Seeing these women in their bikinis flaunting their amazing bodies makes us want to do the same.

And we thank them for that.

Here are some more pictures of awesome women in their bikinis:

When was the last time you wore a bikini?