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Father's Day when you're a single mum.

It can be a painful experience for you and the kids.

Today is Father’s Day in America and while it may seem far away to us, a very emotional video has brought it to the forefront of our minds.

While we’re busy celebrating our dads on Father’s Day, whether it be today or in September for us, it can be easy to forget what a difficult time it can be for those who don’t have a husband, for reasons beyond their control.

They may have passed away or separated from divorce and Father’s Day can be a painful reminder of what is missing in their lives.

This incredibly beautiful video was released by the company Angel Soft and it is a must-watch all mums, all dads and all children.

Watch as these very emotional children pay their respects to their mums, on Father’s Day…

For children without a father, it can also be incredibly difficult. Some have never known their fathers. They’ve never called anyone ‘Dad’. Father’s Day is filled with sadness for them. There is nothing they can do to fill the void.

Until they realise that someone has filled that void for them.

Their mothers.

Representative for the company, Todd Wingfield, told Ad Age that they mean no disrespect by focusing on single and divorced mothers in this clip, assuring the public that they simply wanted to “celebrate families in all forms, shapes and sizes.”

What would you want to tell a single mother on Father’s Day?

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