Forgot it was Father's Day? Don't worry, so did your partner.

Did you wake up this morning looking forward to a regular lazy Sunday morning?

Coffee. Breakfast. Letting the kids watch TV while you check your Instagram.

Yeah. Me too.

And it was only thanks to Instagram and my one super organised mum friend who posted a perfectly posted photo of her husband captioned with a loving dedication to him for being a wonderful father that I remember it’s Father’s Day.

Hey, at least you didn’t try to serve dad breakfast in the shower. Post continues after (very funny!) video…

But never fear, fellow imperfect wife.

Not only are you not alone, research from online experience retailers Red Balloon shows that your husband probably hasn’t remembered either.

According to the research, only 28% of dads actually expect to receive a present at all from their kids, and 49% of dads have more socks than they know what to do with.

He doesn't need any more socks. (Image via iStock)

You are officially in the clear.

Now, please excuse me while I go and smash the modem so my husband never reads this post.

If you are after a last minute gift to try to cover up the fact you forgot to get dad something, Red Balloon has thousands of experienced based gifts to chose from. Can we humbly recommend a wine tour? That way you can go too.

Did you forget Father's Day today? Please tell me I'm not alone.

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